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Halloween zombie make-up: photo, video how to make

Halloween zombie make-up: photo, video how to make

Halloween zombie make-up: photo, video how to make

One of the most popular images of our time is the zombie, who came to life as a dead man, hunting for survivors. Having spread to popular culture at the beginning of the last century as a simple horror story, today zombies are a complex image used by the authors to demonstrate various philosophical and moral attitudes. But one cannot still be taken away from the living dead - they can scare them! What makes a zombie costume perfect for Halloween.

Zombie Makeup: Classic

The most important thing in a zombie costume is makeup. It's easy to make clothes - tear and stain any casual clothes with a fake blood or even some fancy dress (making a zombie pop star, for example, a zombie cowboy, even a zombie space attack aircraft, anyone).

Zombies are dead, and, despite the fact that you can become a zombie in a matter of seconds after a bite, to be just pale and not enough to growl.From Halloween zombies expect decomposition, festering wounds, ideally - bones sticking through the skin, and all this should be as noticeable as possible.

In order to keep makeup for a long time and not even drip in the hottest room, use a professional makeup. If there is no make-up - the most resistant cosmetics of the same colors.

Doing a total make-up

Making blood

We make wounds

Tear the napkin into small pieces and stick to the skin with glue for eyelashes. Cover with shadows and powder on top of the general make-up, and lightly sprinkle with blood - the napkin will play the role of loose skin and shreds of flesh, so the blood on them should be darker.

Zombies: simple makeup

If this option is too extreme for you or you have little time, you can make the makeup easier, without make-up: make the face paler with powder, emphasize the orbits and cheekbones, lipstick with bright red and paint a couple of bloody splashes on the chin. Paint your eyes with mascara, eyeliner, and dark gray shadows, and then with a pencil for your eyes, draw a pair of wired scars on your face.Halloween zombie make-up: photo, video how to make
Halloween zombie make-up: photo, video how to make
Halloween zombie make-up: photo, video how to make

Zombie Makeup: Monster High

Not all zombies are brainless creatures seeking only to profit from fresh human flesh.In the Monster High cartoon universe, telling about high school where a variety of monsters study, a zombie girl named Gulia Yelps (whose name, by the way, a reference to the Arabic version of zombies) is very smart and good at school, and prefers ordinary food to raw brain. The costume of Gulia will be a fun choice for a young girl to a Halloween party.

To do makeup, like this heroine, you need white and blue makeup or light blue, with a gray tint, shadow. Paint them face and hands. Apply red lipstick on lips. Gulia’s hair is a little brighter than a shade than her face’s skin; they are light blue. It is not necessary to dye them, but if you have a wig of this color, you can wear it. However, just bright your own hair, too, come to this image. The accessory of Gulia is in flat-rimmed glasses, and it will be good if they are on you (glasses-dummies will come off).


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