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“Happy Birthday” greeting envelope

Most often on birthdays we are used to giving money, especially if it's not just a birthday, but a round date, an anniversary. After all, it is rather difficult to guess the tastes of a person, if, for example, it is some distant relative or a little known colleague. Another thing is, if you are very familiar with the birthday boy, you can already find out through acquaintances somehow, so that a person would like to get his birthday on his own, so that he would be preferable, and that is quite difficult, because you can not understand something and miss, and here already somehow it will be not on itself to you, and to that person whom you congratulate. But to give money is the most optimal of all gifts today. But for his delivery, you need an envelope, since it's so simple to give money and not interesting, and it's pretty trite. Besides, any memory of you should remain anyway, therefore a congratulatory envelope is simply necessary.And here, as they say, there is a huge choice, both in the factory version and in the own production of the envelope thanks to the scrapbooking technique. Hand-made envelopes and postcards are different from simple ones in that they are made with love and soul, but also in original and exclusive design, since the repetition is almost impossible even because each master has an individual hand and is 100% copy work unreal. Just now we are together with you and learn how to make such a money envelope with a bunny and take it for work: • Blue album cardboard sheet under the skin; • Scrapbumaga in blue with daisies ; • Pictures with a bunny and a bouquet; • Cut out mother-of-pearl women dark blue points; • Stamp "Happy Birthday"; • A piece of pearl blue cardboard; • White large hydrangea made of paper; • A brilliant hollow cabochon of blue color, and also a cabochon floret ; • Blue rosette in latex tulle; • Stamens with glitter; • Green paper petal on the leg; • Polka dot ribbon light blue from satin 5 mm wide; • Blue rep ribbon in peas 10 mm wide; • Curb punch; • Satin white ribbon withLurex; • Half-mousse; • Scissors; • Glue gun; • PVA glue; • • Ruler; • Double-sided tape; • Pencil; • Lighter.
Congratulatory envelope
 for work we take
We put blue cardboard vertically, measure three bases on it in height 8 cm, 9 cm and 9.5 cm. We measure 17.5 cm in width, we cut off the excess. We separate each part in a bend and we fold the workpiece.
 We put blue cardboard vertically
separate we spend by bend Punching the bottom and top do flower on the curb. We measure 15-16 cm of satin ribbon with polka dots, cut and burn, stick with adhesive tape on the back and front parts.
 make flower by curb
cut and burn the tape
From the scrapbook we cut out the following scrap rectangles: 7.5 * 17 cm,8 * 17.5 cm and 8.3 * 17 cm.
 cut the following scrap rectangles
cut the following scrap rectangles We go through the puncher on the side of the larger rectangle, and also make a blue tracery strip. On the white sheet do two stamping "Happy Birthday."
 go through the puncher on the side
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/8/1778-delaem-dve-shtampovki.jpg" alt="do two stampings" title="do two stampings">
Sticking inscriptions and pictures on both rectangles. On the front blank, we glue the pearl tracery strip and the rep ribbon. Each scrap rectangle sticking to the base. Each sew around the edges of the machine.
 do two stampings
 Sticking letters and pictures
Envelope pocket sticking Pva. It remains to make a bunch of flowers, stamens and a leaflet, tie it with a satin ribbon bow and glue it together with a hollow heart to an envelope.In the upper corner we also glue a flower and a cabochon.
 Sticking labels and pictures
We stick the envelope on the pocket
We get a birthday envelope with a cute bunny! Grateful for the attention and good luck to everyone!
 We put the envelope pocket on it
 Get the birthday envelope
envelope for birthday
 envelope for the day of birth u

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