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HDRip: what is the quality?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
November 17, 2014
HDRip: what is the quality?

When downloading movies from torrents, the description of the quality of the video file must be indicated in their description. As a rule, quality information is indicated by an abbreviation of the type HDRip, BDRip, DVDRip, CAMRip, etc. However, most users do not know what is better - HDRip or BDRip, or maybe you need to download CAMRip in general? In this article we will discuss the optimal format for downloading movies.

HDRip quality

Rip is short for ripping, and ripping is the extraction of information from a video carrier to a file. The letters HD indicate the format of the media from which the video was extracted. For example, DVDRip is a rip from the original DVD, BDRip is a rip from the original Blue Ray disc, and HDRip is a rip from BDRip in 720p or 1080p resolution.

What's better?

BDRip is the best quality movie you can find on the net. We mentioned above that HDRip is a rip made with BDRip, which means its quality is slightly worse than BDRip. However, the same DVDRip, as a rule, is already worse than HDRip. It is necessary to understand that in many respects the quality of the rips depends on the author of the rip, and therefore some DVDRip are better than HDRip. We mentioned CAMRip above, and therefore we will explain - this is a rip from a movie in a cinema, so, as you may have guessed, the quality here is much worse than all the above-described rips. Not only is the picture almost always blurred, so it can still tremble.


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