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Help "revenge")) Tell me the recipe for the most elegant cake!

My wife always blames me for not being able to cook and generally lazy. And I'm not like that, I just never get tired. write a recipe for this cake so that she gasped and swallowed her tongue!
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Answered on December 5, 2014 16:42
Bake a couple of cakes. Then cook the sweet sauce. To do this, take sour cream, berry syrup and mix out in a ratio of 3 to 1. Sour cream should be more. Sour cream should be cold and cakes hot. And it is necessary to eat this good immediately, but the taste will not be the same. So podgadayte moment. Well, as an option, you can add fruit. It turns out fruit and berry cake, only bake them with cake layers, and better put sliced ​​on top. Grandma made me such a cake.

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