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My future and children?

Hello, my name is Svetlana 10/14/68. I moved to Novosibirsk in 2012 in the hope that, together with my spouse, on January 15, 1969, we would acquire housing, live with relatives, i.e. I rented, arranged for children: son, born 04/04/2003 to school, studying fine attends circles, daughter born September 10, 1996 finishes college fee. The husband stayed in the village to sell the house, but after half a year he stopped helping us and generally doesn’t contact us. I can’t sell my house. I don’t have a chance to work because I don’t have work there, and I’ll have no life with my husband. What should I do if I sell the house, I want my accommodation for myself and the children are already tired? What awaits us? And will there be a strong, self-sufficient man next to me who will not leave me in a difficult moment, be tired of being and decide everything myself?


Good afternoon! Love is responsible, assistant Gennady Goncharova. Gennady Arkadyevich read your message and instructed me to answer your question. Gennady Goncharov deals with the issues described by you and is ready to help you. Visit our websitewww.goncharov.ruand sign up for a consultation by phone: +7 (495) 694-1674 Consultation is possible both in person and by skype.


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