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High altitude salute to the wedding: how to choose the best?

Every bride and groom are dreaming that in their honor thousands of bright flickering lights would fly up into the sky and explode high above. High altitude salutes for the wedding have become an integral part of the wedding celebration. In the market of pyrotechnics, there is a large selection of a wide variety of high-altitude fireworks. Therefore, in order to order fireworks, which will correspond to the celebration as much as possible, it is necessary to know the basic principles of holding high-altitude salutes.
Pyrotechnics, organizing shows, quite often used pyrotechnic shells average. They are launched at a height of up to 60 meters. One such projectile is a Roman candle. When set on fire, it starts firing at regular intervals, usually the number of shots does not exceed 18. In order for the spectacle to be spectacular and memorable, it is recommended to launch a large number of Roman candles at once and strictly follow the regularity and direction of flight of the colored comets.Therefore, it is better to order wedding fireworks from experienced professionals who can advise on the type of candle better to use.
One of the elements of high-altitude fireworks can be "star mine". If you shoot such projectiles, they will not fly away to a great height: they will burst at once and a fountain will shine out of the ground, shining with colored stars. However, it should be borne in mind that these types of salute are practically not combined and it will be quite difficult to achieve diversity.
The main component of any salute - the balls. The height of the ball depends on its caliber: the larger the diameter of the ball, the higher it will take off. These can be falling stars, leaving behind a bright glowing plume, twinkling white flashes or “golden brocade”.

How to choose a suitable salute and not to overpay?

If we are talking about Roman candles, the price here can vary greatly depending on the type of candle. This may be a “bush” from which hundreds of small “stars” fly, whistling pyrotechnic tubes or rotating comets. If financial resources allow, you can use a combination of candles, in which comets are first fired, then asterisks,and after that the tubes fly out with a whistle and a crash. The cost of salute balls is determined by their size and the presence of additional effects.
Wedding celebration is one of the main holidays of life, so you should not risk it, better order a salute for the wedding here http://vipfire.ru/index.php/menusalutesandfireworkssalutforwedding.html, The main thing to remember is that cheap and poor-quality shells can explode when launched, quite unpleasant and unsafe. Experts do not recommend to buy Chinese-made shells, it is better to opt for products of the European market.


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