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High-rise washing of windows and facades

The level of air pollution in cities creates new and new problems. One of them is the need to clean the windows, which constantly lose their transparency due to sticking to the glass of the smallest particles of dust and soot. If in the buildings of ordinary storeys the housewives simply open the frames and wash the glass, then in industrial plants and high-rise buildings buildings where the area of ​​the window aperture is much larger and not all frames open, washing the outer surface of the windows becomes a problem. The windows of modern high-rises whose construction does not provide for their opening are also problematic.

In both cases, the external cleaning of windows and the cleaning of facades, especially if they are located at a height, can be performed by our specialists who have been trained and equipped with high-altitude work equipment.

Such specialists are trained by "Domovenok", the specifics of which has long been rendering various kinds of repair and construction services,held at high altitude. List of work performed • Window washing on the front surface using: - aerial platforms, - scaffolding, - cradles, - methods industrial mountaineering. • Window washing inside a building. What is the cost of window cleaning?

The following components influence the cost of cleaning the windows: - the height of the building, - the volume of work performed, architectural features of the building (niches, canopies, slope, etc.) The main advantages of using industrial alpinism methods for washing front windows Work on the facade of a building is always dangerous especially if its architecture is replete with elements of de ora and windows, which put in order from the inside is not possible.

Only a well-trained mountaineer, prepared for such activities in special courses, will be able to penetrate the most inaccessible places of the facade. And it will do its job qualitatively and in the shortest possible time. The sequence of work performance 1.Preparing the surface for washing, including the removal of splashes of cement, paint, and other contaminants. 2. Cleaning windows with cleaning agents. 3. Washing away contaminants with water under pressure. 4. Drying the glass surface. 5. Giving glass a mirror shine. How to order window washing To place an order, you can use the contact phone number listed on this siteDomovenok.su. It is used to communicate with the manager of the company, whose competence is the answer to all questions of the customer. He also coordinates the arrival at the facility of a specialist to get acquainted with the scope of work and calculate their cost. Payment for this departure is not made by the customer. You can apply by e-mail, the address of which is attached below.


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