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Homemade wicker basket of flowers

Hello, dear readers, I can tell you about how to weave a wonderful basket with flowers at home. This is a decorative basket, which will certainly please the homes of all family members, and if the children try to make such a basket themselves, then it will be a pleasure for them.
wicker basket with flowers
For the manufacture of our basket, we take: 1). Notebooks with newspaper sheets (newspapers are thinner than usual and therefore more convenient), 2). Item for twisting (for example, a rod from under the handle); 3). Scissors and glue; 4). Blue gouache paint, a brush and a water tank. For making flowers you need: 1). The fabric is blue; 2). Thread and needle; 3). A sheet of colored paper in green; 4). Scissors.
For the manufacture of ours
First we cut newspaper sheets into oblongparts:
we cut newspaper sheets
Then we wind each newspaper sheet separately as shown in the photo:
 reel each sheet individually
We glue the tube in its beginning, middle and end:
>img src="https://sdelaysam-svoimirukami.ru/images/8/1356-skleivaem-trubochku.jpg" alt="We glue the straw" title="We glue the straws ">
This pipe should work:
 It should work
After we splice it, we get such a twig:
will be such a twig
We assemble the twigs to weave the bottom of a basket of seven pieces and glue them in the position of a cross - crosswise. We also make the main twig by connecting four regular twigs. In total, 32 sticks are now selected for weaving the bottom:
 We collect rods
We put the main twig and start to weave from its middle, so that the left and right sides are equal.
Cladmmain twig
we twist the first circle around them:
 weave the first circle
we weave second and third circles, adding new ones to the main bar if the old ones end:
 weave the second
 weave the second
After the third round, start m braid each twig separately.
 weave the second
 After the third circle
Make four circles of simple weaving, in which the main rods are completely do not intertwine with each other, after which we begin to weave with a string:
 Making four circles
 We braid in this spirit
weave the whole basket to the top like this:
 We braid like that
When you if you want to finish weaving, then you can simply cut off the main rods and glue one into the other, and then hide it,gluing down.
finish weaving
Sticking side rods bend down and, after weaving, we cut and glue:
 Sticking side bars
At first I tried to weave a basket with two twigs with a zigzag, but being woven, this handle lost its shape and fell after painting. The twig handle had to be replaced with a cardboard one later. You must first paint the basket from the inside, then from the outside (so that there are no stains from the paint, if you paint first from the outside, and then from the inside).
 paint from the inside
Making a cardboard pen:
 Making a cardboard pen
I also wove it with a" zigzag ", but did not decide to color it, because it, unlike a newspaper one, does not have text and fits shade.
 but did not decide to paint
This is the woven handle that we should have now. But it looks sloppy because it is not mounted inside,what we will need to do a little further:
 gossip pen
Add the entire basket and select the posting for the pen (so that the pen is held): We finish the basket
 We pass the handle through the weave
We pass the handle through the weave postings as shown in the photo:
 We pass knobs into the weave
 We pass the handle into the weave
The upper side of the basket (if desired) can be tied around the border with a thin “twig” of white cardboard, and a few decorative roses are sewn on top (there are three of them on the basket, but the third one is bent to the other side).
The upper side of the basket

These roses were found by us in a gift shop, but like them we can make ourselves now. We take a few long rectangular shreds:
 make roses
Taking one of them,we thinly roll it and connect it with a few stitches in only a few places. We should sew a scraper only in the beginning, middle and end (it cannot be sewn along the entire length because later on when twisting the seam will stand out). We fold the edge into a small tube and sew (or glue) the bottom, then make a fold in the fabric and sew it:
 make roses
making roses

(We needed a stitch in the center of the craft to ensure that the rags of the cut fabric did not come out) - we sewed them up. Continuing just twisting the fabric, twisting it in a spiral and sewing (glue) the ends: br>
make roses
It turns out such a roses:
 do roses
Make three such roses of different sizes and stitch them together them for the ends to each other, and then we cut the leaves of green colored paper pasted over with scotch tape:
 leaves and roses
Sew neat leaves and roses a piece of cloth or plastic bag (but better, of course, would secure them a stapler,if there were braces for him):
 leaves and roses
 leaves and roses
We put on the bottom of the basket what Someone cloth (or beads, jewelry, but you can put candy):
 A treasure at the bottom of the basket
And we put our rose decoration on top :
 Place on the bottom of the basket
Our basket of flowers is ready!
wicker basket with flowers
Regards, Vorobiev Dinara.

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