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Horoscope for 2016 for Capricorn

Horoscope for 2015 for CapricornThis year will seem rather difficult for representatives of the Capricorn sign. An ambitious sign, accustomed to thinking primarily about work, in 2016 he is surprised to discover new interests for himself. Capricorn is waiting for new acquaintances, but far from all of them will be pleasant and necessary - besides, the risk of meeting a person who intends to use Capricorn's opportunities to their advantage is quite large.

Horoscope for Capricorn woman for 2016

A lonely Capricorn woman in 2016 will not be bored - there are a lot of fans around her, and besides, she is used to taking the initiative into her own hands. However, she is quite selective and picky - if a Capricorn woman does not lower the bar for the opposite sex, the search for the second half can be delayed.

For family representatives of the sign, the year of the Goat cannot be called easy. Frequent clarifications of relationships, trivial trivialities and conflicts on domestic grounds — all this will not in the best way affect the family life of a Capricorn woman.Especially in this regard, the first half of the year is dangerous - if the spouses do not restrain themselves, the result can be rather sad.

Horoscope for 2015 for Capricorn

Work for a Capricorn woman is an outlet and a place for self-realization. Management knows this and appreciates - in the first half of the year it will be entrusted with a new interesting project, on the result of which the further career of the Capricorn woman depends. However, there is no doubt that she will put all her efforts into this project, so that by fall you can safely expect financial compensation for your work - not too big, but very tangible.

Concerning all that concerns health, the Capricorn woman can not worry - if there are no chronic diseases, sudden ailments do not threaten her. However, the stars give the woman-Capricorn universal advice - to seriously think about bad habits, especially it concerns smoking Capricorn.

Horoscope for Capricorn men for 2016

If the man-Capricorn recently often thought about the fact that his relationship is not satisfied, then in 2016 there is a high probability that he will sever this relationship. Still, rationality, no matter how cool, is in Capricorn in the first place - if he does not see prospects, then there is no point in continuing.New relationships, most likely, the male Capricorn will not start - a good tradition will go headlong into the work and the experience of time simply will not remain.

The Capricorn man, who already has a family, can also be nervous - and here too, there will be no mention of work. Capricorn gives her a lot of time - this is his nature, and it does not make sense to struggle with it, the second half of the Capricorn man must understand and accept it, otherwise quarrels and scandals are inevitable, which soon enough can lead to a rupture.

At work, the Capricorn man will be able to reveal all his abilities - if he has long thought about starting his business, 2016 is suitable for this as well as possible. A horoscope promises a Capricorn man the successful development of any beginnings in business - the most important, responsibly approach the choice of partners.

Horoscope for Capricorn man for 2015

Capricorn, working at the computer, should pay attention to your eyesight - to do exercises for the eyes and frequent breaks. In addition, the stars strongly recommend the man-Capricorn to give up smoking and alcohol - from these bad habits to get rid better at the beginning of the year and in the spring.


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