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How can a man take revenge?

How can a man take revenge?You meet a guy, but you understand that something went wrong in a relationship. There are no feelings that carry me to the sky. Or it is not interesting to you. Tedious, not reading or with a bad sense of humor. Perhaps you are disappointed in his salary or lack of initiative. In any case, you have decided that you are no longer on the way. Suddenly, after parting with you begin to happen failure. Someone scratched a car, and unpleasant rumors began to circulate about you at work.

Who could start creating trouble for you? If a woman who takes revenge does not surprise anyone, then an evil and splashing jelly guy is nonsense. In fact, the ways of revenge in men sometimes exceed those of women. Going to another appointment, be sure that you are not meeting with the man who avenges and does not forgive. And if you get such an instance, get ready to resist his attacks.

Why do men take revenge?

Real men are strong. Both physically and emotionally. Therefore, it would not occur to them to watch you near the entrance and write threats by SMS if you broke his heart. But not all guys are real men. Motivate them for revenge can be different situations:

  • ignoring his tokens;
  • woman's words about doubts about his manhood;
  • parting;
  • female treason
  • How can a man take revenge?

  • ridicule;
  • jealousy of another man, girlfriend, or even a joint child.

As a rule, only guys who are deprived of attention in childhood decide to take revenge.

How are men taking revenge?

The most cruel is the method of physical violence. Beautiful girls should not be rude to their suitors, especially if you notice in them signs of mental disorders. It is not uncommon for a man to take revenge by pouring acid into the face of a pretty woman or by breaking parts in an auto. Try to kill the hope guy if you don’t like it. But do it tolerantly.How can a man take revenge?

Often, after a serious break, the former may post your intimate photos or videos online. If a man avenges a woman, he wants his victim to suffer. Therefore, you should not allow a guy to shoot you nude or take a photo drunk. Delete such files if you do not want them to become public. Also, watch your correspondence. Did you write to the guy that you are the boss of the beast? And can you be surethat your "favorite" will not make a scan of the message and will not forward it to the boss?

Change with another female guy can motivate the desire to take revenge on you. For example, in order to hurt your mate, you are talking about having an intimate relationship with another. Although in fact it is not true. A man will not look for evidence or refutation of your words. He will just go to the bar and make you quits. You should not tell a guy on the emotions too much.How can a man take revenge?

If your spouse was the main earner in the family, after a divorce, he can leave you without a penny, restoring universal justice. Often husbands bribe the judge in order to pick up the children themselves. And not at all because of the desire to give them a good education and upbringing. And in order to ex-wife was left all alone. In order to avoid this, try to have your own money supply and raise the child so that he is on your side.

A woman who takes revenge looks ugly. Even more disgusting is the man who does the dirty tricks of the one whose beauty he sang several years or months earlier. Try not to connect fate with those for whom revenge is not an empty word.How can a man take revenge?


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