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How are the drawings created?

The creation of project documentation, drawings in particular, is a necessary subject of study in universities without which not one active construction, design of products, parts, schemes will subsequently do. However, such skills as the ability to design, draw, and read the drawings are required from future specialists in many faculties, for example:

  • Architectural;
  • Machine building;
  • Information and telecommunication systems and technologies;
  • Radio engineering;
  • Electronics, and other technical areas.

The main task that descriptive geometry sets itself as a subject is to teach students various geometric constructions and projections, as well as to depict sketches of components and parts using the necessary tools, not only by hand, but using various new technologies. Of course, modern software allows you to dispense with a ruler, compasses, and reisfedera. However, this lesson still requires not only accuracy, but perseverance and patience.

How to draw a drawing?

For the design and subsequent creation of the drawing, you must have on hand special drawing accessories, as well as a computer on which the AutoCAD program or its equivalent is installed.

Standard “classic” paper drawings can be created, both quickly and slowly and not always the speed of drawing affects quality. In order for the drawing to be neat it is necessary to make sure that the Tesshing is properly secured, and if a small board is used to draw A4 format, you need to check the correctness of the angle.

Experienced students often use a T-shirt, which is additionally equipped with a special roller, but in this case it is worthwhile to make sure that its movement is slow and smooth. It is not necessary to draw a part or object in parts. The plane on which the part should be placed should be depicted immediately both horizontally and vertically, and at the end it will be necessary only to connect the necessary points.

Computer programs such as AutoCAD significantly speed up the work of both the student and the experienced professional. Necessary software should be selected, starting from those tasks that will have to be performed.In the case of “AutoCAD”, it can be configured and adapted not only for mechanical engineering, but also for architecture or other necessary discipline.

If you learn to use all the features that such programs provide, you can not only significantly reduce the time to create a drawing, but also improve its quality and accuracy.

However, it is not always convenient to print or scan the document yourself, especially if the format is large. Also, many students are faced with the problem of how to properly fold a drawing according to GOST, especially in the initial courses. Similar difficulties are solved in some printing houses.


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