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How is the crackers?

Ekaterina Zhukova
Ekaterina Zhukova
September 23, 2014
How is the crackers?

Clapper is a pyrotechnic toy that pleases more than one generation of people on holidays. And although technical progress does not stand still, the main components, like the principle of the flapper, have remained almost unchanged over many years. About how the cracker is made and what kinds of crackers are, and will be discussed further.

How the flapper is made: composition and principle of operation

The standard "New Year" crackers consists of:

  • body in the form of a cylinder or other form made of cardboard or plastic;
  • primer with pyrotechnic composition, built into the lower part of the body;
  • rings with durable thread inserted in the primer;
  • filling (rolls of serpentine or confetti) located in the upper part of the body;
  • a cap, or a paper film with which the case is closed.

How does the cracker

If you sharply pull the string connected to the cap, the pyrotechnic composition will ignite from the friction and a mini-explosion will occur that triggers a whole chain of reactions: the explosion emits some gas,and then the gas creates inside the body of the clapper the amount of pressure necessary for the protective film of the clapper to burst, and confetti, streamers, or other similar stuffing fly out.

Other ways to make poppers

In addition to the above, there are other types of clappers, acting on a slightly different principle. For example, in a pneumatic flapper, paper filling flies out of the body due to the use of gas pumped into it. There are crackers from the filling, whose main function is cotton. For example, a firecracker. About what it consists of, described in an article on our website: How a firecracker is made. There are also paper flappers, which are easy to make at home. You can read more about this here: How to make a clapper paper.

Clapper - a great toy, designed for holidays and friendly raffles, however, like with other pyrotechnic products, it should be handled with care to avoid accidents.


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