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How is the gun made?

Soon after the discovery of the properties of gunpowder and its chemical reactions, people learned how to create and use firearms against their enemies. To a similar type of weapons include pistols; they will be discussed in our article. Let's talk about how the gun is made.

Gun device

Note that the principle of operation for any firearm is the same - it is the interaction of gunpowder, spark and, in fact, the bullet itself. In the cartridge case is a small, but sufficient for a huge acceleration stock of gunpowder. While pressing the trigger, a spark is knocked out, which falls on the powder. The chemical reaction leads to an explosion of gunpowder in the sleeve, which pushes the bullet along the barrel of the pistol forward. The whole construction is built on this principle.

A pistol is a relatively small and very convenient to use weapon, which belongs to the category of personal, used for self-defense in an extreme situation. Now let's talk about the device gun a little more.

The main parts of the gun

  • Fly (serves for aiming, is located above the edge of the barrel of the gun);
  • Barrel (necessary for the direction of the bullet; the longer the barrel, the more accurate the radius of hitting when shooting). As a rule, the barrel, like the whole gun, is made of high-grade steel;
  • The spring is located inside the barrel. This device serves to return the barrel to its original position after reloading the gun;
  • The shutter - the shell around the trunk. On some older models, for example, on drum revolvers, there is no lock. This device, again, allows to increase the accuracy of the gun and reduce vibration when fired;
  • The ejector is necessary for removal of the fulfilled sleeve. When gunpowder burns in a cartridge case, it flies out of the ejector, thus freeing up space for the next bullet;
  • Hammer and drummer are designed to soften the impact and send the sleeve in the ejector. This mechanism is triggered when fired, reducing recoil. The sleeve rests on it, and as a result, flies out of the ejector;
  • Grivka - another device for aiming. The mane must be visually connected to the front sight of the pistol for accurate hit. The device is used to determine the height of impact;
  • The trigger is necessary to start the process of the explosion of gunpowder;
  • The pistol grip is needed for ease of use. In addition, it is located in the store with ammunition;
  • Store (delivers the new cartridge into the barrel of the gun). The store, as a rule, has a dozen cartridges packed one after the other. Inside there is a special spring that pushes the new cartridge into the barrel when reloading the gun.

Pistol production

There is an opinion that a good weapon is a weapon produced at military factories. For example, a Makarov pistol or Glock, known to many, are produced on an industrial scale using a conveyor. For the production of take high-quality steel and expensive consumables - springs, hammers, wood inserts. Special attention is paid to the production of tests of prototypes of weapons in order to comply with safety requirements. A large number of production stages are mechanized. However, the tool is released for public use only after a series of manual checks.


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