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How long do your periods last?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 15, 2012

Menstruation in women is a necessary biological process, which suggests that a woman can have children and is ready for conception. But for different women, cycles last a different amount of time. How long do monthly periods for an average woman, what is considered the norm and what is a deviation and requires the intervention of doctors?

What is monthly

Menstruation (menstruation) - a monthly bleeding from the vagina of a woman, with which an unfertilized egg comes out.

The whole process from the formation of an egg to its maturation and extinction, as well as the removal of an unfertilized egg together with blood secretions, is called the menstrual cycle.

How long is the menstrual cycle?

On average, the menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days. This is ideal, but a week more than a week or less is allowed. Regarding how long the girls' periods last, all gynecologists are unanimous in one opinion: there is no exact answer.

The first periods start at the girls about 12 years old.They may start a little earlier (at 10–11 years old), may come a little later (13–15), but too early menstruation or too late are considered abnormal and may indicate irregularities.

What is the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is usually counted from the beginning of the menstrual period, when an unfertilized egg is displayed. On average, how many days last monthly, is 3-5, but for some women it increases to a week.

Next comes the maturation and development of the egg, which takes about 8-10 days. After that, ovulation occurs - the egg cell, ready for fertilization, leaves the ovaries into the uterus, where it must be fertilized with a spermatozoon.

If fertilization does not occur within 12-14 days, then the egg loses its reproductive abilities, the endometrium exfoliates and, together with small blood secretions, removes the unfertilized egg from the body, after which the process begins again.

Menstrual disorders

Natural disorders of menstruation can be at the very beginning, at the age of 12, when the young organism is only adjusting for the reproductive period.As a rule, by the age of 15-16, the periods are adjusted and become regular.

Also, disorders are usually accompanied by menopause - a period in a woman’s life when she leaves the reproductive age, usually at 51-56 years old.

The regularity of the cycle can be disrupted due to nervous exhaustion or illness. If the cycle has gone astray for one or two days, this is an acceptable violation, and with time everything will return to normal. If the monthly lasts more than a week or less than two days, and if the gap between them exceeds 40 days, then you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.


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