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How many bones in the hand?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
March 30, 2015
How many bones in the hand?

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How many bones in the hand?

The human skeleton is the skeleton on which the soft and muscular tissues are attached. Before you know how many bones in your hand, you need to figure out how many bones are in the human skeleton.

Oddly enough, the skeleton of an adult has 206 bones in the absence of any pathologies, while in a newborn child it consists of 350 bones. This is because a large number of soft bones facilitates the exit of the child from the womb of the mother. As they grow older, their bones grow stronger, and some of them grow together.

How many bones are in the hand of a man

Taking into account the shoulder girdle, the arm consists of 32 bones. Human hands are less strong thanHand boneslower limbs, but more mobile and able to perform many movements. The skeleton of the arm consists of the following parts:

  • shoulder girdle (scapula, collarbone);
  • brachial bone;
  • forearm (ulna and radius);
  • Hand (wrist, metacarpus, phalanx of fingers).

How many bones in the hand

The human hand has 27 small bones that form the palm and fingers.

  • wrist - consists of 2 rows of bones (4 bones in each), which are connected by the bones of the metacarpus and form a groove;
  • metacarpal bones - 5 bones, one of which is connected to the wrist joint, which causes the mobility of the thumb;
  • the phalanges of the fingers are the short tubular bones that form the fingers. Each finger, except the big one, consists of 3 phalanges (main, middle and nail). The middle phalanx is absent in the thumb.

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