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How many calories in soup?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
April 16, 2015
How many calories in soup?

Shchi is a Russian national dish that has been prevalent at all times. After all, for the preparation of this soup does not need a lot of ingredients, but it turns out very tasty. But can it be used by those who stick to a diet?

From our article you can find out how many calories in shchi.

How many calories are there in shchi?

Before answering this question, you should pay attention to the ingredients that are part of this soup. After all, each housewife has his own secret of making it. So, many cooked soup in beef or pork broth; This soup will be enough calories. A dish cooked in chicken or vegetable broth will be dietary.

It should be noted that cabbage is the main component in shchi. Also onions and carrots are added to the dish; if they were fried in vegetable oil, then the glycemic index of such foods will be about 200 kcal. If all the vegetables are thrown into the broth fresh, the calorie soup will be only 60 kcal.Eating such a soup during the week will lose up to 5 kg.


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