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How many chickens carry eggs?

Anna Sivokon
Anna Sivokon
December 24, 2012
How many chickens carry eggs?

If you live in the village, then you are lucky. At the very least, you know exactly how many eggs are laid per year or day. It will be interesting to learn and residents of urban areas.

So, in the warm season, each normal chicken carries one egg every other day. In winter, chickens almost do not rush. The main function of chickens is to chick out. And in the winter chickens are not taken. But with the right breed and content, the chicken carries 300 eggs a year. And on some chicken farms and 315-320 eggs. Now we know how many eggs chickens carry.

There are two breeds of chickens - meat and dairy. For example, meat-breeding chickens, such as broilers, are fed for meat. But there are types of chickens that weight quickly gain and carry up to 250 eggs per year. These are, for example, such breeds: Sussex, Augsburger, Orlovskaya and some others.

Egg breeds of chickens are light. Weigh about 2 kilograms. They love to walk and almost always find the food themselves. These chickens have almost no fat, as they are mobile. An egg breed called Cross is able to carry up to 315 eggs per year.This breed of chickens does not produce offspring, since it was bred by genetic means. Buy such chickens at 4 months of age. The most productive breeds are: Heissex, Izraun, Tetra SL.

The number of eggs will depend on the level of feeding, the degree of selection and the method of maintenance. Irregular feeding is bad for the number of eggs. You need to constantly graze the bird and give the appropriate feed.


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