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How many people can without sleep?

Roman Zhdanov
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How many people can without sleep?

Sometimes we are without sleep for a long time due to the nature of our activity or for other reasons. This raises a completely natural question - how much can a person sleep without?

In general, the record of "insomnia" is 453 hours (almost 19 days), it belongs to an American named Robert McDonalds. This record is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. But this fact is an exception to the rule, since, on average, a person can do without sleep for no more than four days, while he must make a lot of effort so that, in the literal sense of the word, he does not fall asleep on the go.

Everyone knows that an adult should sleep 6-8 hours a day. If a person sleeps less, then this is a deviation from the norm and a threat to the body. There are proven experiments in which chemical processes were detected in the human brain, which occur in the absence of sleep and lead to the suppression of the psyche.

  • If a person does not sleep for two days, then he begins to change in the hormonal background, and there is a suppression of the psyche and the natural neural connections in the cerebral cortex are broken.
  • If you do not sleep for 3-5 days, then the destruction of brain cells will begin, and the load on absolutely all internal organs will increase markedly, especially the heart suffers.
  • Lack of sleep for more than five days is an irreversible change that will lead to inevitable death. But there is no clear answer to the question: �how many people will live without sleep�. There is a mass of confirmed data stating that people survive even after ten days without sleep. Although in such studies it is very difficult to prove that a person has never fallen asleep over the entire period of time. Or at least not in a state of superficial sleep.

Superficial sleep is a special state, a person can move and even have a conversation, but his brain at this time is periodically turned off for very short periods of time, for the eyes of others it may go unnoticed.

In addition, there is a version stating that in various extreme situations, the human brain for a number of reasons (injuries, etc.) learns to partially shut off, thereby allowing all organs to rest, but not immediately, but in turn.

This is not a feature of man, many sea animals possess such abilities, which simply cannot be completely relaxed and disconnected.

In any case, with such things, clearly, you can not joke. You should not check the resource of your body.


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