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How many seasons are in Supernatural?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
February 26, 2013
How many seasons are in Supernatural?

The television series Supernatural began filming in 2005. Then it was planned to shoot only 5 seasons. However, the time and ratings of the audience made their adjustments in their number. Practical Americans invest only in what promises a good profit. How many seasons are in Supernatural? To date, seven full seasons are fully prepared, the eighth is being withdrawn and is being aired simultaneously.

  • The first season was shown for eight months in America (2005-2006) and included 21 episodes. Only later he was seen in the CIS.
  • The second season, already from the 22 series, was released in 2006.
  • The third season of all 16 episodes appeared in 2007.
  • The fourth season to the delight of those who waited for him, has 22 episodes. He aired in 2008.
  • The fifth season, 2009. Eric Kripke, who created these five seasons of "Supernatural", left the series. 22 episodes of the fifth season and became his latest works.
  • Sixth season.2010. Also did not become original, and, despite the replacement of the director, consists of 22 episodes.
  • Seventh season. 2011. This season fit 23 series.
  • Eighth season. 2012. So far, only 18 episodes of the Supernatural series. How many episodes in a season, it is already known - 20.

More recently, public information appeared that the "Supernatural" will continue to shoot. While filming season 9 is scheduled. The same notorious rating allowed the director to receive funding for the continuation of work.


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