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How much does a laptop consume?

Vladislav Meriin
Vladislav Meriin
January 17, 2013
How much does a laptop consume?

When buying a laptop, people look at its appearance, specifications, software. The question of how much electricity a laptop consumes often arises after purchase. In our article we will try to answer it and explain what power consumption depends on.

Power factors

The consumption of electricity depends, as a rule, on the power of its components. A powerful graphics card, a powerful processor, a large and bright screen - all this will only increase power consumption. At the same time, one cannot expect energy savings from budget laptops with cheap and outdated processors.

The dependence of energy consumption from tasks

So how much does a laptop consume? Average power consumption is about 50W or less. Not very much, is it? Of course, this figure also depends on the tasks currently being performed. HD video, productive games and mathematical calculations increase energy consumption.

And of course, how much power a laptop consumes depends on its model. Small laptops with a diagonal from 11 to 14 inches are equipped, as a rule, with mobile processors, which are much more economical in terms of power consumption. Not uncommon, and two cards - integrated and discrete. Using the first one is more economical, and the second is used only for tasks that require high loads. Just need not forget that even turned off, but connected to a power outlet, the laptop continues to consume electricity. The average consumption in this case is about 5 watts per hour.

Software impact

Separately worth noting the impact of software on power consumption. In almost all operating systems, there is the possibility of changing the power modes. As a rule, this means a change in the screen brightness, a period when the display and the hard disk are turned off when idle, and reduced performance.

In our article we cited the main factors affecting the power consumption of laptops. This information will allow you to use the capabilities of your laptop to the extent that you need, and take care of the environmental performance of your device!


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