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How not to bathe?

Minor troubles happen to people quite regularly. Some are quite capable of drawing conclusions from this, and forget about the trouble, and the rest tend to scroll through what has happened and reproach themselves many times. It is possible to stop getting upset over trifles, but for this you need to work on yourself. Therefore, in our article we will help you understand how not to sweat over trifles.


  • First of all, try to increase your own self-esteem. People who too emotionally and sharply react to petty situations, as a rule, are not endowed with normal self-esteem, they are understated. Frequently try to do what you are good at or what you like. The positive results of your actions will be able to set you up for a positive, and you will tackle more complex cases with more optimism.
  • Always look at the space around you through the prism of good, in every situation look for something positive. Usually, life balances the good and the bad with the person. Following this rule, if you have trouble, it means that in the near future something good should happen. And fixating on a trifle, you can and miss this good.Tell yourself: do not bathe, and the point! After the rain, there will always be a rainbow!
  • Do not forget about the sense of humor. Laugh at the troubles, and they seem to you much smaller, and those on which you should not waste your time. You can also use one psychological method called hyperbole. Its essence lies in the deliberately exaggeration, or more simply, “pulling an elephant out of a fly”. So, you could not come to the exam. Imagine in your mind that this failure will cause you to be expelled from the university, and let's say they take you into the army. In general, the worse you come up with a consequence, the better. And then, take a look at the situation critically: a good student will never be expelled just like that, you will pass the exam later, because you are in a normal relationship with the teacher, and he will understand you. And even if you do not understand, you still find a way to deal with everything. Then just laugh at your fear and just calm down.
  • Try on the troubles, the incident has not changed. Just accept and relax, after which you will feel peace.Immediately after this procedure, you will understand that you do not have to bathe in trifles, and you will regain the ability to find solutions and analyze what happened.
  • Always improve. Acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge to help you prevent unpleasant situations. And you will not have frivolous reasons for grief.
  • In any case, keep optimistic. Make your motto an expression: “What is not happening is all for the best.” Appreciate and love yourself, believe in the successful completion of any situation and any circumstance.


Imagine the beginning of the work week, so hard to come to, and in my head the thought - how not to bathe on Mondays, if it is so difficult? The answer is simple - just for everything you need to love your job. Write down or remember what is remarkable about your profession, how much success you have achieved in it, and what you still have to achieve. Also, the main thing to start, and there everything is going smoothly, you will join the weekdays, and the problems will go away.

To escape from a certain problem, tell yourself - come on, don't worry, everything will be fine! Try to occupy yourself with something interesting or useful.Stop everything by going to nature, or shopping, do what you love. Arrange a small holiday, which will be more important than your small troubles, soared because of which you absolutely should not.


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