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How to add a friend to Steam?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
February 15, 2013
How to add a friend to Steam?

There are many who want to have friends in steam for joint games. How to add a friend in steam, tell our article. In order to do this, you need to do a few simple steps of any of the four options (depending on what type of steam you have):

  • If your friend has an activated licensed game on his account, he is entitled to invite you as a friend, even if you do not have any activated games on your account;
  • This is a way to invite through an existing group. You need to create your own group in the Steam community and invite your friends or friend to this group using the item “Add friend”. Then you need to press the key combination “SHIFT” + “TAB” in the game and select the item “Friends list”, then “Groups”, then the item “Choose a friend” and invite him to this game;
  • This is a paid method. For example, you can buy a key for the game “World of Goo” by spending only 9.95 rubles. After purchasing this key, you need to activate the game using the simple Steam. Now you have the opportunity to add a friend;
  • You can also go to the site where you need to register by filling out all the necessary lines for this. Your email must indicate the correct one, because it will receive a letter. Now you need to click the "Get Key" button, which is located on the right. Then, after adding the game, you need to restart Steam. Everything, you can add friends.

In any of the above options, your friend should accept an offer of your "friendship." To do this, he needs to select an item called “Community” at the top of his Steam. Then select the item "Invitations". Next to this item will be the number 1 or another number, which indicates the receipt of one or more invitations. Then you just need to accept this invitation.

Now you know what steam friends are and how to send and receive invitations!


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