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How to adjust the voice?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
July 22, 2014
How to adjust the voice?

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How to adjust the voice?

As you know, our vocal apparatus is a collection of muscles. Each of them performs a particular function, working on a common cause - sound generation. How to set up a voice if soon you will have a solo concert or public performance? Consider the exercises that will help in this.

Basic voice tuning exercises

  • Surprisingly, to warm up the vocal apparatus, one usually starts with brushes. Pound your palms well. Mash hands and each finger separately. Attach the brushes and twist them in different directions. Exercise can be considered complete after the hands become warmer.Vote
  • The next stage is the preparation of the muscles of the face, larynx and chest muscles. The sequence can be like this. The first - warm up lips. One of the exercises - connect your lips with a "bow", as if you are going to kiss someone. In this position, rotate the lips clockwise and then against it. Go to the jaw. Open your mouth wide enough, but not to the maximum. Do a couple of rotational movements back and forth.The larynx can be “warmed up” using the throat vibration and any of the vowel sounds (pull any low note on different vowels). The diaphragm is tuned by slow and gradual breathing. Inhale through the nose and gently exhale through the mouth.
  • Now you can proceed to tune the voice itself, or rather, its sound. First you need to perform several exercises (for example,Votetriads, scales, tongue twisters) at low notes, gradually raising the tone of voice.
  • Only after you feel how the sound passes freely through the throat and mouth, you can raise the tone and begin to sing musical exercises (intoning the melodies).
  • Many professional vocalists tune their voice by playing their favorite parts in different keys or chasing their repertoire a few tones below. It is also a good ear trainer.
  • The most important thing is that the voice tuning should not be based on the performance of heavy and high parts. Start with the basics.

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