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The solarium is dangerous - and it is dangerous and everyone understands this! Well, that there is a great alternative to sunbeds - self-tanning.


Advantages of tanning



- Tanning is an instant tan;


- After autosunburn, the skin is not dehydrated by the sun, there is no photoaging;


- Applying to the skin of tanning salon hides small defects, nonsmooth skin;


- No excessive pigmentation, cancer and other diseases stimulated by ultraviolet radiation.


Disadvantages of tanningas obvious as its benefits:


- Auto-tanning is difficult to apply to the skin smoothly, usually it stains;


- Tanning does not emit anything to the body, in contrast to the sun's rays, which activate its functioning;


- Self-tanning coating is too painstaking procedure, and after a while it is required to refresh tanning;


- Incorrectly chosen shade of tanning makes the lady look like ... - most likely you saw unhappy tanning victims with orange faces! Nevertheless, using tanning, it is possible to look natural.The site of useful tips will slightly open to you a number of secrets of the technique of using tanning.


How to choose a tan color



Use tanning, based on the natural tone of your skin, renounce from a tropical tan. If the skin is light, choose a honey shade, in case the skin is olive-tone, choose the darkest tone. Do not forget - for the face and body will require different shades and a different cream! Do not pick up the bronze and orange tones - they go to a very small number of women! Before you apply tanning on the body, try it on a small area. Thus, you will see if the color of tanning is chosen correctly. Spray, lotion, gel or cream? Absolutely no difference. The key position here is the comfort of imposing on the skin.


Do not forget - including sprays need to shade.



What to do and what not to do before applying tanning



- Do not shave your hair on the day you apply tanning, because your legs will be polka-dotted;


- Wear rubber latex gloves on your hands if you don’t want to have brown ones like a Negro.The whole of the West is doing just that, and we, Russians, love it very much, after applying tanning, wash our hands thoroughly and wash off the newly applied layer.


How to apply tanning correctly



Step 1. Before using tanning - apply scrub. For a smooth, immaculate and instant tan use body scrub. Carefully scrub around the body in the morning, and in the evening, complete the procedure. Or this way: in the evening - a scrub, and in the morning - tanning. Why the only way? Yes, because the body is obliged to dry out and be 100% dry, in a different way tanning will lie awry. A drop, insignificant at first glance - and everything, the tan is ruined. If you are in a hurry, and waiting for half a day is simply not enough time, then wipe yourself with a clean towel and dry your skin with a hairdryer.


Step 2. Body lotion before applying tanning. Before applying self-tanning, apply body lotion (any, a little) on the middle of the abdomen (up to the chest area). This trick of make-up artists of Hollywood stars, thanks to this, the middle of the abdomen will look lighter than from the sides, because of this it may seem at first glance that your press is almost constantly in good shape.Apply body lotion to areas where you have freckles, scars, pigmentation, so that tanning is less absorbed into the skin in these places.


Step 3: Apply the self-tan.


Squeeze a little cream from the tube and apply on the body in long, straight strokes, moving from top to bottom. Apply the cream measured, rubbing it into the skin. Put smaller cream on elbows, knees and feet, otherwise they will become darker than the whole body. Following the application of tanning, let it dry for a few minutes ... Then take the old terry sock, turn it over with the terry cloth and rub it into the skin with this terry. Rubbing should be circular movements from the top to the bottom of the body, in order to prevent the formation of stripes and specks. Very few people know about this secret with a toe ... keep in mind Try first to put a tan on the legs, in order to polish the art of applying a smooth tone. Pay attention to the navel - you need to lubricate a drop of cream inside it and run a cotton swab in order to remove excess.


After the imposition of tanning do not disguise as long as possible, the minimum time - 10 - 15 minutes.Autosunburn is obliged to dry out everywhere, otherwise all the seams of the wardrobe will be found on the skin. It is best to throw something free, old and dark, because the cream can erase and leave stains.


After applying tanning


- After tanning, do not use moisturizing preparations for at least a few hours, otherwise - spots will appear;


- Within 12 hours after applying the tanning do not use the shower, do not bathe and do not train in the gym. No sweat and contact with water !!! To maintain a great tan color, repeat the tanning operation every two to three days.


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