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How to apply the cream

All ladies are interested in making the face cream bring maximum benefit. To do this, it is necessary to competently approach the choice of the cream for the face, but also a great role is played by knowing how to apply the cream properly. In this article, a magazine of useful tips will lead to your attention the recommendations of a professional stylist, who answered the most frequently encountered questions very clearly and in detail in the topic “How to apply a cream on the face”.


And where do you start applying cream? Of course with the preparation of the person. Before you apply the cream you need to cleanse the face. Of course, it is not necessary to do a face cleaning each time before applying the cream, but it is simply necessary to remove makeup and wash with warm water. You do not need to wipe your face dry after washing, because the cream applied to moist skin starts to act more efficiently and faster.


Often asked a question - We have applied a cream, and how long it is necessary to keep it. In this case, everything depends of course on the cream itself - if you apply day cream, it is almost instantly absorbed and does not need to be removed, but if it interferes with makeup, then you can remove it 20 minutes after application.But on the application of night cream talk separately. A fairly dense composition of the night cream does not allow the skin to breathe normally, so it should be applied for 1 or 1.5 hours before bedtime. During this time, the skin absorbs all the nutrients from the cream and before going to bed you will need to wash off the remnants of the cream. To wash off a cream is better than special gel for washing and molochkom for putting off or taking out of a make up, but at all not soap. Soap dries the skin and can sometimes irritate it. Approximately the same situation with nourishing creams, but they are not recommended to keep on the face for more than an hour.


Ask more questions regarding the combination of a mask and face cream. The cream must be applied only masks. And it is best to choose a very light cream with a high proportion of moisturizers.


And do not forget - if the cream really like your skin and perfectly applied. Sometimes it should be changed or at least give the skin a rest for 2-4 days, in order to not disturb the natural metabolic process.


It is very important when applying the cream is its amount. Do not forget that the cream is an assistant for the skin of the face. And a lack of it, or vice versa, its excess may not very well affect the condition of the skin. The norm for the cream becomes a dose of the size of a pea, this will be enough for the neck and face.


In order not to be mistaken in the correctness of applying the cream, its temperature must be brought to body temperature. Therefore, it is better to apply the cream not immediately, but within a few minutes, rubbing it with your fingertips.


For the correct application of the cream is necessary to study the massage lines of the face. We offer to print line drawings and apply the cream according to the drawings. Putting the cream can not push on the skin, and especially rub it. Do not squeeze too much cream and do not rub force. Apply the cream evenly on the neck and face gently, from top to bottom along the massage lines.


We all want to stay beautiful and young for a long time, for this you need to carefully choose cosmetics. Very important is the choice of facial creams, which not only nourishes and moisturizes it, but must also tighten and tone. Due to improper application of the cream, wrinkles can even appear.


Dear ladies, do not forget how your youth and beauty depend on how you apply cosmetics. Take our advice into consideration in order to stay young and flowering longer and know exactly how to apply the cream!


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