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How to assemble furniture?

Enterprises and companies engaged in the production and sale of furniture, approximately 10% of the value of the received order are given to the assembler for installation at the place of destination of the furniture. However, to figure out how to assemble the furniture yourself, the power of every man. In addition, it will allow you to significantly save money.

To build furniture you will need: a good screwdriver with a magnetic holder and a bat, a tape measure, a level, a drill, a stationery knife and a pencil.

To assemble furniture with your own hands for the kitchen, you will need: a perforator with a pointy drill, screws and a screwdriver with a bat, a level, a mounting gun with silicone sealant, a jigsaw, a kitchen faucet and a sink.

How to assemble furniture

  1. Unpack and sort the parts.

    For example: when assembling a cabinet, separately put the details of its case, shelves, drawers, accessories and facades.

  2. Begin by assembling the case, acting on the principle “from large to small”. In order not to spoil the floor, cover it with a cardboard. To connect the sidewall and the bottom (or top) of the cabinet, lay the ground pieces of the parts on the floor and the necrophied parts upwards. Connect them with fasteners in order to form a stable angle.
  3. Attach the second side wall in the same way as the first. If the cabinet is divided vertically or horizontally into several sections, then immediately it is necessary to attach the inner rack. Then install the remaining top (or bottom) of the cabinet.
  4. Having measured the diagonals of the received boxes, make sure that their sizes match. Apply labels on the side parts corresponding to the location of the horizontal and vertical sections (sections).

Now cover the box with the rear panel (fiberboard, plywood) so that the inside of the cabinet is its front side. Nail the back wall around the perimeter of the cabinet. Having drawn a connecting pencil line marks sections or racks, nail the panel along these lines.

  • If there is a set of legs, screw them. If the legs are not, nail plastic heel caps: they will protect the bottom surface from moisture. Screw wall cabinets through wall fasteners.
  • Put the cabinet on its permanent location. Insert into the shelf supports (installed in the corresponding holes) existing panels (shelves).

Collect boxes assemble in the same sequence. Then equip the walls and the cabinet itself with guides.If there are handles, screw them. Secure the frontal (front) part of the box from the inside.

  • Put the doors on the floor, directed with the holes under the hinges upwards, place the hinges in them and fix them. To fasten the doors to the cabinet start with the top hinge.

Now attach the handles to the doors and adjust the position of the leaves relative to the cabinet using the adjustment screw on the hinge (located closer to you).

How to assemble kitchen furniture

First of all, screw the legs (at a distance of 10 cm from the wall) to the sections that will be installed on the floor. Level the cabinets. If necessary, in the cabinet of the cabinet intended for washing, make an appropriate hole for the installation of water pipes. Cover the cabinets with the table top so that its rear edge adjoins the wall, and the front one protrudes behind the cabinets 4 centimeters.

After that, remove the countertop again and fasten the cabinets from the inside using screws (4 pieces per cabinet). Located inside the cabinet under the sink, attach the fixing angle for the countertop. Drill holes in the upper partitions of the cabinets for fixing the worktops (4 holes per cabinet). Then cover the cabinets with a worktop and assemble it from the inside with screws.When installing a composite worktop (kitchen corner, freestanding cooker, etc.), fasten L-shaped and T-shaped aluminum slats to the worktop at the joints.

  1. Attach the panels to the wall, making pre-holes for sockets and wiring. Hang the top cabinets using a level for accuracy.
  2. To properly assemble the furniture, use the instructions, if available in the kit. If not, then hang the doors on all cabinets, screwing previously to the facades of the hinge. Insert sliding cabinets and install facades to them. Screw the handles and insert the shelves.
  3. Since we are assembling the furniture ourselves, then cutting a hole in the new worktop under the sink, keep in mind that in the gap between the wall and the sink should be located plinth. Mark a border with a marker and cut out a hole with a jigsaw. Install a mixer to the sink, screwing in the water supply hoses in advance. Snap the fastener on the sink and glue the seal, slightly retreating from the edge. Silicone sealant fill the distance between the edge of the rim wash and seal. Put the sink (with the mixer already installed) in place and screw it from the inside of the cabinet to the countertop.
  4. Install a plastic corner.

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