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How to assemble the hallway?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
November 21, 2014
How to assemble the hallway?

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How to assemble the hallway?

Buying furniture is not a cheap pleasure. In this case, it is necessary to spend money on its installation. However, you can put all the details together on your own. To learn how to make the most furniture for the hallway, read our article - How to make the hallway.

Construction assembly

So, how to assemble the hallway and make everything right? At the very beginning it is necessary to assemble the cabinet box itself. To do this, you need to connect with the help of fasteners the two side walls with the so-called roof and the floor of the cabinet. For this most often used wooden chopika, which must be put on the glue. When the base of the cabinet is assembled, you need to remember to nail its back wall. This is basically a plywood board, which is attached to the structure with the help of ordinary brackets.

If the cabinet has shelves, the assembly design will be slightly different. A shelf (or shelves) is inserted into one of the walls, fixed, and only then another wall is attached, then only the top and bottom of the cabinet.


Understanding how to assemble the cabinet itself, it is worth remembering that further it is necessary to assemble the filling of the cabinet. Ie to establish holders of hangers, drawers.


The last doors to be installed. If they are simple, you just need to fasten the curtains and put the door on them. Also, do not forget about the pen. If it is a wardrobe, the installation of the doors will not be so easy.Entrance hall

  1. First, on the floor and on the ceiling of the cabinet, it will be necessary to fix two slats along which the door will move.
  2. Next on the bottom side of the door you need to fix the sliding rollers. Not all designs provide upper rollers. If they are, they should also be fixed.
  3. Next, you need to install a special brake that will prevent the doors from rolling back when they hit the wall.
  4. The last step - the door itself is attached to the rollers.

If the dimensions of the hallway do not allow to place a full wardrobe, then we can restrict ourselves to a floor coat hanger.


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