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How to become a fairy in life?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
November 4, 2014
How to become a fairy in life?

Many admire the fairies, because these are truly amazing creatures. They are very cute, naughty and endowed with magical powers. Many girls think about how to become a fairy in life. But nothing is impossible: below you will learn a few secrets of reincarnation.

How to become a fairy in real life

First of all, it is necessary to understand that fairies are mythical creatures, it is impossible to become them in reality. Of course, there are ways described in the ancient treatises, but for this you need a person who understands the whole technology of transformation. However, you should not despair, because you can become a fairy, just put on a costume and make up.

Fairy Costume

Fairy costume can be borrowed, bought or made by hand. If you decide to stay on the last option, then you will need to decide on what kind of fairy you want to become, because there are quite a lot of them (Winx, forest and water fairies, Tinker Bell - she is the Ding-Din fairy). After that, you can decide on the color and style of the suit.

For example, for a water fairy, it is better to choose blue and blue tones, and for the forest one - brown, green, yellow. In principle, the length and style of the dress can be any, as long as you are comfortable in a suit.

Do not forget about the wings, because many fairies fly. They can be made of wire, after which the frame is covered with a cloth. You should also attach to the costume a variety of accessories inherent in a particular fairy. It can be drops, cones, stars, leaves, rhinestones. In addition, you should get a tiara and beautiful hair.

Fairy Makeup

The image of the fairy will be incomplete without the appropriate makeup. If you decide to become a forest fairy, then the makeup should be made in a green range. Apply a shadow on the eyelids, you can use eyeliner, for the lips the ideal option would be pink or colorless gloss. You can also apply to the face a few drawings, the best flowers.

For water fairies in makeup you need to use blue and blue shades. It will also be appropriate drawings that can be applied not only on the face, but also on the hands. Draw waves, streams, a jug of water. All this will be appropriate.

If you want to add mystery to your image, then you should use dark shades in make-up.


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