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How to become a moderator?

With the advent of numerous sites, and, especially, forums where people communicate with each other, there is a need for people who will regulate this very communication. So the moderators appeared. At first, it was just people who removed obscene expressions, advertisements from forums and games, blocked "violent" users. But? over time, the capabilities of the moderators have expanded, and now they have almost unlimited power in any forum. Many people dream of getting into the moderators, especially since now this occupation brings a good income, but before learning how to become a moderator, you should understand that this is not entertainment, but serious and very difficult work.

Duties of the moderator

The moderator has his own list of duties, which are slightly modified depending on the site, but most of them remain standard.

  1. First of all, the moderator must ensure that site users comply with its Rules.
  2. If you can upload some content on the site, the moderator should follow the material that is uploaded by other users.
  3. If any rules of the site are violated by users, then the moderator must realistically assess the violation and establish an appropriate punishment.
  4. In addition, the moderator should advise users of the site on all emerging issues, while adhering to the site policy.
  5. Also, the moderator maintains the efficiency of the Internet resource and helps in its development.

Moderator Requirements

Requirements for moderators are about the same. For example, in the Sharahar, how to become a moderator can explain to you the administration of the site. As a rule, the first and main requirement is to have a close acquaintance with this site, to spend as an active user at least six months. In addition, the person must be constantly online, so as not to leave the site without a guide. The moderator should be as competent as possible to be able to correct grammatical errors of other users of the site.

Usually, several moderators are recruited on one site, who divide several sections of the site among themselves and control them, replacing each other from time to time. Of course, the more popular and popular the site, the more difficult it is to get a moderator.Most often, these people are recruited by the administration of the site from the very beginning of the existence of this resource, and gradually gain experience. For example, if you are tormented by the question of how to become a moderator in classmates, then in order to fulfill your dream, you need to either be familiar with the site administrator, or attack Odnoklassniki’s management with your constant requests to nominate you a moderator, at least for a small area of ​​work.

As you can see, a simple desire for a more or less promoted resource is not enough. To engage in such activities need purposefulness, interpersonal skills and some kind of experience. Try yourself at the initial level on less well-known sites, for example, in groups in contact, you will not only gain valuable experience, but also understand whether such work is suitable for you. And set yourself up correctly. For example, if I want to become a moderator, then I will achieve this goal, even if in a year or two, but I will achieve it. Cultivation is your assistant in this matter.


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