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How to build a foundation

The slab foundation is applied in areas with high groundwater levels. The main action plan of construction: 1. Remove the plant layer. With the help of shovels and level to achieve a flat surface
2. At the bottom of the pits lay out the bars in the form of "ladder" - the basis of the formwork. To give this structure rigidity to the inner sides of the formwork, the boards are vertically nailed, forming the so-called "sandboxes"
4. Further "sandboxes are filled with sand. They are thoroughly spilled with water and tamped. Compacted sand is covered with plastic wrap, which is fixed to the boards with a stapler.
5. Around the perimeter of the "stairs" vertically digs in, and racks are nailed, which are also fixed by the slopes. Top formwork level by level.
6. Under the bearing walls and along the entire perimeter of the formwork, reinforcement cages are laid. Step 20 cm laid down the lower rods and fixed with a wire twist to the main frame.Spacers called "chanterelles" are screwed to the lower bars. It is to them that the upper bars will be attached with the same 20 cm step.
7. When the formwork is ready there is a turn of concrete. The concrete mix is ​​evenly distributed around the perimeter, leveling with a wooden lath.
Strip foundation

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