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How to build a wind rose?

The wind rose is a special pie chart based on vectors; it reflects the direction of the wind, which changes throughout the year. Such graphics are used very often in climatology, meteorology, they are also very often necessary when planning the construction of buildings and runways. Externally, the image of the wind rose can be seen quite often in heraldry. Its most common location is on the symbolism of NATO. So let's look at how to build a wind rose.

Preparing for the image

Most often, for educational purposes, the wind rose is built only on the lessons of local history in schools, technical schools and other educational institutions. It is possible to build a wind rose for a specific area. Very often, such a task is given to a student in grades 7�9 of the school, with whom they do an excellent job.

If you want to carry out independent work on building a wind rose, then you will need information about the year-round wind direction in a certain area.Remove information data is necessary for a month. This can be done either independently, or ask for help from the meteorological service.

Now we are drawing the basis for the future diagram in order to then arrange the obtained results of observations. We draw a coordinate system, the main axes of which will denote to all known directions of the world, namely - east, north, south and west. Now we draw intermediate lines between these lines and designate them as north-west, north-east, south-west and south-east. Now on each axis we postpone uniform divisions, which will symbolize a certain number of days. Very often, one division means one day, in each case it can be different. In this way it will be possible to understand how to make a rose of winds.

Depicting the wind rose

After this preparatory work is completed, you can proceed to the construction of the wind rose. We calculate how many days the wind blows in each direction, after which we postpone the corresponding number of divisions on each of the lines. After a certain number of dashes will be delayed, you can gently connect the resulting points with straight lines. Thus, it should turn out to be a closed polygon.If there are windless days in this territory, they can be marked with a circle in the center of the diagram. If during the given time interval the wind was not observed at all in the specified territory, then the line connecting the points should be interrupted.

This is the kind of action you need to do if you want to learn how to make a wind rose. Now after you follow the steps above, you should receive a wind rose for your region for a specific period. The long lines on it will show the prevailing direction of those winds that blow on the terrain.

Auto build rose

Thus, you can build a wind rose by hand. However, there is another way by which you can build a wind rose in automatic mode using Excel. To understand how to build a wind rose, you need to create a file and in the form of a table fill in all the data regarding the direction of the winds and the number of days. You should have a few bars that will mean the number of windy days and the names of the directions.

Now, using the "Insert" - "Chart" command, you will need to select a position called "Flap chart".The result of these actions should be the appearance of a graphic image of the resulting diagram.

Thus, it is very simple to build a wind rose for any part of the globe; it is sufficient to correctly calculate the number of windy days and their direction. Such an image looks like a rose, which is why the graphic image of the wind direction is called the wind rose.


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