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How to call a kitten a girl?

Many people want to have a cat. These animals are quite affectionate, playful, easy to care for them. Cats are also preferred because they are quite attached to their owners. However, to get an animal is only half of the problem, you also need to figure out what to call a kitten girl.

If the cat came to your home from the nursery with a noble pedigree, then the choice will be small. Most likely, the cat already named, and her name is entered in the relevant documents. Most often this exquisite and long name is shortened and used at home in a diminutive - pet form. And then the Marquis will happily run around the apartment under the name of Manka.

Variants of names for purebred cats

Quite often, dreaming about an animal, people have long invented how to call a kitten a girl. And then this option will be the most correct and correct, since it has been thought out hundreds of times and was exactly approved by all members of the family. However, not always the correct nickname comes to mind at the right time and then painful reflections occur.

A purebred animal is best not to name a simple name. Think before you call the Scottish kitten girl Murka, Fluff or Tishka. Still, the breed and character will make itself felt through time in a difficult character, and it will be too late to give a new name. The best option for such cats will be the name Gracie, Percy, Camila, Sabrina. In order to name a British kitten is best to use in the nickname features of the nature and colors of such an animal. The ideal name for such a girl kitten can be: Lady, Britty, Quina, Britney, pointing to the noble origin.

Name for one-color kittens

Most often, it is the so-called yard cats have a simple appearance and a plain monochromatic coat color. As a rule, the most common colors of wool in such cats are white, gray and black.

If you do not know what to call a white kitten girl, then in this case it is worth remembering the good old names: Snowball, Umka, Snow White, Snowflake. Usually, white cats are very clean and graceful, for which they can be nicknamed Princesses, Marquises or Countess.

Before you call a black kitten girl, it is best to remember all the books, movies and funny situations that are associated with black color.Perhaps your kitty, many will be considered quite serious and graceful. That black cats have long been endowed with magical properties. That is why, besides the playful names Nochka, Olive or Bead, the cat can also be called Bagira, Grace, Gypsy or Kara.

Gray cats are considered the most quiet, affectionate and loyal. They are rarely found in this color in the form of yard cats. If you do not know what to call a gray kitten girl, then it is best to stop at the quiet and affectionate names: Smoke, Tishka, Midge, Wax, Blot.

Classic tips

  • Do not call your kitty too pretentious name. Let this name be beautiful, but it will be difficult for the cat to remember it. It should contain hissing or snarling sounds, because cats remember such names best of all.
  • Superstitions say that you do not need to call a new animal the name of an old cat. It can attract big trouble.
  • If you have a sense of humor, feel free to use it. Call the black cat Snowball, or give her the name Smetanka, Bun. And you more fun, and guests will remember forever the name of your animal.
  • Do not pick a nickname is very long or consisting of several words.This name will be quite difficult to pronounce in everyday life, and the animal may not even respond to such long names.
  • Refer to the story - find out how our ancestors called cats. For example, besides Manka and Nadya, the names Sima, Tashka, Glasha were popular in Russia. This name can be called a pedigree, and a simple lop-eared kitten girls.

The chosen name should not be changed - it will help the animal to quickly understand its name. To quickly fix the result, give the kitten goodies, often stroke and loudly pronounce his name out loud.


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