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How to call a school?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
February 13, 2013
How to call a school?

Today it can be noted without exaggeration that the quality of education services has increased by an order in recent years. In addition to public educational institutions, private schools of general educational level are opened, as well as music, sports, schools of dancing, art and others.

The essence of the names

The opening of such a school in the city is always a holiday for its visitors, but for the organizers of this process it is a lot of work. One of the moments that in the future will play a significant role in the work of the school is its name. It would seem, what's the difference how to call a school? But it is not so. From the originality of the name depends on the number of people willing to engage in it. For example, if you take a dance school, then it can be called "Dance School". And if you call it “Five fun pas”, “Russian quadrille”, “Merry and playful”? These names will always be well known and will attract visitors.

The same situation with the name of sports schools. During the times of the Soviet Union, these institutions were called simply sports schools.And today such schools can be called “Sports Junior”, “Cool Puck”, “Young Champion” and others. Passing by, the child will certainly be interested, but what is there behind the doors?

Class name

There are cases when several classes are opened in one school (drawing, music, modeling, clothing design). Then the founders of the school are not thinking about how to name the school, but about how to name the class in the school. “Masters of drawing”, “Seven notes”, “Young sculptor”, “Little fashionista” - such class names speak for themselves about what children are doing here. After all, calling a school or a class, its name should have an association with the type of activity that children will be engaged in. For example, the name “Disco Dancer” immediately gives us a glimpse of Latin American dances, and the name of the Russian Birch dance club will draw the image of participants in folk dances. All the same we see in sports names. It is clear that the name of the sports class "Tennis Racket" says that they are engaged in tennis, and the sports school "Successful Goal" educates football players.

But sometimes the names are common: “Rosinochka”, “Young Champion”, “Olympian”, then it is necessary to have a description of what the institution is next to the name of the school, class.Often, in order to name a school or a class in a school, the founders of the institution often turn to linguistic specialists or agencies that are engaged in advertising. And this is the right decision, because the “brand” of the school is part of its image.


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