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How to call the guardian?

Lilya Mayak
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How to call the guardian?

It is believed that we come to this world completely helpless, but from the very birth we have our own protector - a personal Guardian Angel, who will protect us all our lives. Many people who have a difficult choice or are in a difficult situation, want to ask for help or ask for advice. Therefore, in this article we will describe how to call a guardian angel.

Summon Keeper

An important condition for the angel to come to you is your faith in his existence and in higher powers. If you hold a similar rite for your own fun, nothing happens. You can immediately say that the process of calling the Guardian is like a meditation. You need to find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. You can go on nature, and if you are at home, you should be alone, even without pets.

Sit in the most comfortable position for yourself and close your eyes. Your body should be completely relaxed and your breathing even.Then you should clear your mind of all worries and mentally transfer to a place where you feel good and calm. You need to feel like a baby, helpless and vulnerable in a fabulous ideal world. Imagine that there is no one in it but you and your Angel.

How to call the Guardian? You should contact him mentally and ask him to respond to your call. You must be sure that this happens. All your attention should be focused on your inner feelings so that you can feel the presence of the Angel.

Thank your patron in your thoughts and ask his name. The answer is imprinted in your mind, try to remember it. After that, ask your questions that concern you, one by one. Answers most often come to us in the form of a sudden, but clear awareness of the way to solve problems. But it is possible that they will gradually appear to you in the form of dreams or other signs: be attentive.

After such communication, thank your Guardian and begin to return to your former state, mentally experiencing the important events of your life from birth to the present time.After such a trance you should lie down for a while or sleep better, since communication with higher forces takes a lot of energy.


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