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How to calm the cat?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 18, 2013
How to calm the cat?

This animal belongs to the feline family. On the one hand, it can be kind, affectionate and faithful to a master who truly loves her, and on the other, to be an independent being with his own habits. It's about the cat.

A cat is an animal that is a full member of any family, and therefore it is sometimes necessary to know how to calm the cat, to protect other family members from unnecessary aggression on its part, to help the cat if it is in heat. In order to solve these problems, you should familiarize yourself with the following tips and tricks.

Aggressive behavior

Any aggressive behavior of the animal due to attempts to protect against external threats. Therefore, you need to rid the animal of this threat, help to hide, do not try to pick it up, throw on it, for example, a box or thick cloth, give time to calm it down. All this should help in solving the problem, how to calm an aggressive cat.

You can use the following sedatives: "Serene-um", "Cat Bayun", "Stop Stress", "Fiteks", etc.They are natural and contain medicinal herbs.

If the cat has played out

To stop an enlarged animal, it is necessary to take it in your arms, if possible. If in the course of his game the animal spoils any household items, then it is necessary to punish for it. But do not hit on the head, just click on the ears. You can throw on the floor of any object, the fall of which is accompanied by unpleasant sounds. All these measures calm the cats and distract them from the violence.

Critical days

If a cat is in heat, then it should be fed only at night and not allowed to sleep at this time. You also need to often play with her, then she will have no strength left for something else. Some cat owners use drugs that regulate the hormonal activity of cats. For example, it is "Gestrenol", "Kontseks Neo" and the like, which protect against unnecessary pregnancy of the cat, and also contain substances that facilitate their reception.


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