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How to change the color of the eyes without lenses?

Elena Minkina
Elena Minkina
July 30, 2012
How to change the color of the eyes without lenses?

Sometimes, any person has a desire to radically change their appearance. Most often, these changes relate to the style of clothing, hair, makeup. But sometimes there are circumstances when you want to change the color of the eyes. Use for this colored contact lenses (provided that you have normal visual acuity) is impractical, because their constant wearing has a negative effect on the eyes. In addition, the purchase of contact lenses, a container for their storage, moisturizing drops for the eyes costs a decent amount.

How to change the color of the eyes without lenses: alternative ways


The color of the objects around us is reflected in our eyes and changes their hue. For example, if a person with gray eyes wears green clothes, his eyes will become greenish.


The use of contour pencils and shadows of dark color allows you to make the natural color of the eyes more saturated and dark. This technique is well known to women.


Some eye drops, which are used to treat glaucoma, gradually change the color of the eyes and make it darker. But you cannot simply use these drops to change the color of your eyes, and no doctor will write you a prescription for them.


A few years ago, it was believed that radically changing the color of the eyes is possible only when using contact lenses. But recently, scientists from California have developed a unique technology that allows changing the color of eyes without lenses - this is a laser operation that can brighten the color of eyes. During the operation, the surgeon using a laser beam of a certain length destroys the melanin (brown pigment) contained in the iris of the eye. As a result, there is a change in eye color. This operation allows even light-blue eyes to be made from dark brown. But with its help it is impossible to make dark ones from bright eyes.


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