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How to charge ammo?

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How to charge ammo?

Most experienced professional hunters try to fill the cartridges themselves, since it is good to charge cartridges both for saving money and for your pleasure. Many are not very happy with the standard equipment: there is such an opinion that there is too little powder and a lot of shotgun in the cartridges that are produced in the factory.

Materials and training

If you decide to learn how to charge the cartridge, then you should be aware of what you need for this activity:

  • small table;
  • good dispenser for powder and shot;
  • scales with small weights;
  • UPS device that is designed for different calibers;
  • spin the table;
  • for gunpowder and shot accurate measures;
  • Navoil in order to send wads - with a good grip;
  • rings for swaging metal and cardboard cartridges;
  • special stand for the cartridge - with a hole that will protect the primer;
  • small stand for finished cartridges.

Especially important in how to properly charge the cartridges - is to calculate the weight of gunpowder and shot in accordance with the weight of the gun.For example: a gun has a 12 gauge and its weight is 3200 g. It is necessary to divide 3200 by 96, and get a suitable fraction weight, which is 33.3 g. In accordance with the weight of the fraction, you need to determine the right amount of gunpowder. For a 12 gauge weight, which is somewhere around 3.2 kilograms in accordance with the weight of a fraction of 33 grams, you need about 2 or 2.2 grams of regular smokeless powder. And try to remember that the weight of the charge should not be greater than the maximum weight, which is indicated on the package.

Before you charge the cartridge you need to carefully inspect the liner. Discard liners that have cracks, burnouts or dents. Carefully knock out the fired caps. Metal sleeves should be cleaned of oxide and carbonation with a solution of vinegar and dried, then lightly lubricate the entire outer surface with neutral oil.

All types of sleeves often metal base must be crimped. Liners made of cardboard, which are tattered Dultse, it is desirable to strengthen. To do this, lower them into molten paraffin wax. The edges of liners made of plastic need to iron iron, putting them on the mandrel. Before charging 12-gauge cartridges made of plastic, the sleeves of sleeves can be straightened by putting on a 16-gauge sleeve made of metal.

How to charge the cartridges yourself

Prepare for pressing the desired amount of primers. The most convenient way to press-in the capsule is to make a UPS with a device. The primer must enter tightly and should not warp, sit approximately 0.1 mm below the bottom of the sleeve itself.

The powder charge must be weighed on the scales with an accuracy of at least 0.05 g and filled into the sleeve using a special scoop or funnel. It is advisable to measure the powder with a special measure, but before charging the next batch of cartridges, I advise you to check the measurement carefully. To facilitate the decision of how to charge hunting cartridges in large quantities can use a special dispenser gunpowder.

Now put cartridges in the cartridges, which are cut out of very dense, but not excessively rigid cardboard, whose thickness is about 3 mm. You can also use factory gaskets, but they are advised to put them somewhere in two or three pieces. If you will use a polyethylene obturator, gaskets do not need to be put.

Now install the wads in the cartridges, which it is desirable to prepare in advance, you can use wads from felt, from wood or polyethylene.But for sleeves made of metal, you need to use only felt wads. Upon completion of the installation of the wad in the sleeve can, an empty space remains - in this case it is necessary to install another additional wad. The material for additional wads in how to charge the cartridges 12 caliber, it is better to use wood that is stratified throughout its height.

Measure out and fall asleep fraction. A fraction of small size is best measured by a dosing unit, which is intended for gunpowder, but a large one is measured, either by measure or by count. When you fall asleep a fraction, the place for twisting on the edge of the sleeve is about 4-5 mm. In order to press in the cartridge 12-gauge "asterisk" must be left 11 mm. A small nuance in how to charge 16 caliber cartridges is to leave about 10 mm. At the end of the filling fraction, you need to tap a finger on the sleeve itself and cover it with a cardboard gasket, the thickness of which should not exceed 0.5 mm.

Then the sleeve can be twisted. If you press a gasket with an asterisk, you do not need to install a gasket. Remember how to charge the cartridge with a metal sleeve: the gasket must be secured.It is best to cover the fraction with a plug made of cork thickness, which is about 3-5 mm.

16 gauge features

In how to charge 16 caliber cartridges there are some features:

  • Falcon powder is used with a wad container, if the air temperature is more than +10 it is needed - 1.8 g, less than - 1.9 g with a twist, if we use an asterisk, reduce the weight by 0.1 g
  • Fractions must be taken - 28 g.
  • Gasket fraction to use, if you decide how to charge the cartridges and rolls.
  • Pass the cartridges through the calibration ring.
  • It is recommended to sign the gasket and cap with a permanent marker, indicating the fraction number.

On some sites there are instructions on the video: how to charge the cartridges and they can examine the whole process in detail. In order to charge the cartridges to remember the main thing: you must be extremely attentive and careful. Not only in order to get ammunition with good accuracy and sharpness of the battle, but also for your own safety.


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