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How to cheat in car dealerships

Dollar rate

This trick is quite old, it is already more than twenty years old, but it is still used by car dealers, especially in the regions. Exhibited quite an attractive price for a car, only in foreign currency. After signing the contract, the buyer learns that the exchange rate is much higher than the official one. So even a budget car can cost the new owner thousands of 50, or even 100 more expensive. That is why it is necessary to clarify the exchange rate before the conclusion of the transaction.


Again, it all starts with an attractive price for a car. The client makes a deposit of up to one hundred thousand rubles. In the contract there is a clause that states that 8% of the transaction amount is withheld by the salon. At the checkout it is found that the price of the car is different from the one announced in a big way. The buyer terminates the contract, but the salon departs 8%, just the amount of the deposit. Recently, this scheme was found to be fraudulent, so if such a situation arises, you should immediately contact the law enforcement authorities.

Warranty binding

Often happens, then the salon announces the extension of the warranty on the car of a particular model. In fact, it may happen that the most non-warranty operations, such as, for example, the replacement of rubber, according to the terms of the contract, will be forced only in this salon. The "golden" guarantee burns in case of refusal from such unfavorable conditions. And the disadvantage is that in simple salons these operations are much cheaper.

"Left" equipment

Of course, they won't be allowed in large car dealerships, but if there is doubt about the honesty of the “no name” dealership, then it is better to ask the manager to enter a list of additional equipment in the contract. This should be done regardless of the specification in the agreement. There is a risk to get a good car in the top configuration, but with low-quality cheap wheels.

Free gifts

Although everyone knows about free cheese for a long time, the trick with the offer of free rubber, rugs and the like helps to attract many customers to car dealerships. The catch lies in the fact that the cost of the gift is included in the price of the car, or the salons sell "illiquid", and such rubber can not serve for a long time.Or you will have to pay extra for the audio system to the presented navigator. So be careful when buying a car.


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