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How to cheat the terminal?

The age of modern technology allows us to simplify our lives in all existing areas. Now we get wages on bank cards, right at home we can see their balance and withdraw money in a bank or in a payment terminal. Everything became very fast, easy and affordable. But with the advent of the new technology appears and the need to learn everything about it, so that no incidents happen: do not be deceived, robbed or even worse.

Stupid tricks

Many people wonder how to deceive the payment terminal, and think about it, not only because they really want to deceive him, but simply for security reasons. And really, how to cheat the terminal? In fact, the answer to this question is simple: the terminal cannot be deceived. But on what tricks only the common people do not go, so that in their wallet some money is added. Yes, glue the bills, tie them to a string and something else more interesting - with which this iron machine just did not collide. But still the payment terminal defies any magic that is done on it.I wonder why? After all, there must be at least some ways!

Can not be cheated, punished

How to cheat terminal Qiwi? To deceive this terminal, like any other one, cannot be done for several reasons at once:

  • The first reason: the terminal asks for your data - a password and personal number. If you can make a mistake or write a special number, then the password of another person is almost impossible to guess, because the password of each person is unique. A password is a set of numbers and letters that is often associated with any events in a person’s life or with something that only he knows, so finding out a person’s password is a very complicated and cunning fraud.
  • The second reason is hidden and uncovered cameras. Usually, there are cameras near each terminal that view and record all your actions down to the smallest detail. This is the main reason why it is not necessary to deceive the terminals.
  • The third reason is illegality. Attempts to cheat the payment terminal are punishable by law, and the amount of money you receive during this deception will determine whether you are discharged or sent to places not so distant.
  • The fourth reason is the machine itself. Remember that this is not a living person, this car has no feelings. And if you approach it and ask for an extra thousand, it is unlikely that an iron programmed machine will have mercy on you and give you an extra pair of food products or entertainment.

To correct the budget will not work

So we answered the question of how to deceive the payment terminal, or rather, we found out that this is impossible to do. Yes, and you do not need to try, because these attempts will not give you the desired material wealth, and for your efforts you will have to give a good answer, which can significantly reduce the family budget, and it also threatens with imprisonment.

Recently, one way of cheating the terminal has become popular on the Internet, which, according to its author, is working. We do not undertake to say how true this is, but we can definitely say that it is also illegal.


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