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How to choose a battery wrench?

A wrench is essentially the same drill, only equipped with a special nozzle system for use in tightening and unscrewing bolt nuts. Today the market offers a very large variety of model ranges, but does this mean that you need to purchase the most expensive and sophisticated machine? Of course not.

To begin with, it is worth saying that it has been the electric-powered wrenches that have long been the most popular for obvious reasons. But at the same time, there is a dilemma before the buyer - in which favor is it worth making a choice, a battery wrench or a fixed network wrench?

Consider the full range of advantages that the use of battery models gives us. As a rule, such models are distinguished by a rather large mass, but it is their mobility that largely negates all their shortcomings, such as relatively small power. The nut driver on the battery is a very convenient mobile solution,which you can always take with you anywhere - on the roof, on the cottage, in the car, and within certain limits do not depend on power supplies. Typically, such devices operate in combination with nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion batteries. If you have a choice, it is better to purchase models with lithium-ion batteries, they are more environmentally friendly and do not have a memory effect. This will not be a problem, because it is with such batteries that wrenches are most often produced.

As for the disadvantages of such devices, then, in addition to significant weight, the minus can be considered not the longest battery life. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the models with the largest possible battery when buying a wrench - these costs will definitely not be in vain for you. In addition, you should pay special attention to the ampere of the charger - the more capacious the battery you have, the more powerful the charger should be on hand, otherwise the charging process may take too long.

It is quite possible to rely on a battery nutrunner for most types of domestic work, as well as other repair or metalwork of low complexity.If you think your device is more serious tasks, it is better to think about acquiring a network model - more powerful and more productive, though not mobile.


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