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How to choose a bedspread

A thoughtlessly bought bedspread can degrade the appearance of the bedroom and completely shift the interior's color accent to itself. Therefore, when choosing a bedspread, it is important to follow the rules of color combinations. The bedspread should overlap with other elements of the room and fit organically into its dimensions.
For a small bedroom suitable bedspread, one color with the floor and walls. Too much color contrast can make the bed bulky.
In the bedroom, which is located on the shady side of the house, you need to choose the color of sleeping textiles in warm colors. It can be pink, beige, orange shades.
For a bedroom located on the sunny side of the house, on the contrary, cool shades of textiles will do. Blue, lilac and brilliant colors of the bedspread will look great in such a room.
For those who like to experiment with the decoration of the bedroom, it may be advisable to purchase a bedspread with different colors of the sides. As a rule, one side of such a bedspread will be bright, with a colorful ornament, and the second one will be monochromatic.It is enough to slightly unscrew the edge of the bedspread to add zest to the design of the bedroom.
Luxurious satin bedspread suitable for a bedroom with elements of a classic style or baroque style. Light not brilliant coverlet will look good in a romantic bedroom. For a bedroom with an oriental design suitable blanket rich bright colors with abundant fringe. Country style will support textiles, made in the technique of patchwork.
A prerequisite for bedspreads is the quality of the materials from which it is made. Such textiles should not cause allergic reactions and should be pleasant to the body.

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