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How to choose a New Year's dress and carnival costume

Girls start training long before the New Year. They look at shop windows, choose gifts and New Year's dresses, conceive surprises. What girl does not dream to look stunning at a festive banquet?

Festive women's outfit should match the symbol of the New Year.

  1. Ideal - dressing cream, blue, crimson, golden or white. The main thing is to choose a shiny or sequined material.
  2. The dress will suit any length, style, style. If you are a beautiful and slim figure, feel free to dress in an emphasizing outfit. Feel free to open shoulders and small length.
  3. Ideal for small girls with medium builds - dresses with a fluffy skirt and a classic neckline.
  4. If you are a confident and bright person, pay attention to the New Year's dresses made of shiny leather.
  5. The dress combining matte fabric with a brilliant material looks impressive.Just remember, if the outfit has a lot of shine, the number of accessories is minimal. Otherwise, you will not be the queen of the party, but a real New Year tree.

Different New Year's dresses are suitable for the New Year. Which option to give preference depends on the shape, personal tastes and financial capabilities.

The right choice of New Year's dress for women

Until the moment comes, women do not buy new clothes. When the decorated Christmas trees appear in the windows of boutiques, they begin to realize that they do not have a holiday dress. This approach is not entirely correct. At the beginning of winter, many stores are starting to sell Christmas dresses. Consequently, the study of the proposal and the choice of holiday attire can be done in advance.

New Year's Eve - an important event in the life of a woman. She wants to be irresistible, wearing a beautiful evening dress. At the same time, the New Year is a time when you can maximize your imagination.

  1. Tall women with a beautiful figure fit classic long dress with a deep neckline. According to stylists, it is better not to put on a necklace. This will focus on the shoulders and neck.Belts and straps come in handy.
  2. A woman with beautiful and slender legs should pay attention to a short dress in gray, beige or white.
  3. If you want to create an unusual image, choose the New Year dress with asymmetric cut. This dress is suitable for all women regardless of age and figure. You can buy a dress with one strap and different length skirt sides.
  4. Number of accessories, choose the minimum. Enough unambitious costume jewelry, a small handbag, belt and earrings.

To complete the image, pick up good shoes for the dress. New Year's outfit goes well with products with high heels.

Fashionable Christmas dresses for girls

Moms are wondering how to choose Christmas dresses for girls. Festive attire should be beautiful, fabulous and magical. You want the daughter to be a real princess at the party?

Buy a good New Year's dress is not a problem. Just ask the baby what image she likes the most. Surely she wants to become a sorceress, an angel, a fairy or a princess. Sometimes a girl wants to be a gnome or a pirate.Then you have to choose an outfit from a series of suits for boys.

Children's outfits

Let's imagine that the daughter wanted to become an individual of royal blood. When choosing a New Year's dress, consider the latest trends in world fashion, which dictates the rules.

  1. The most fashionable trend of children's fashion is an outfit with a fluffy skirt and a contrasting or one-colored dress.
  2. The material is decorated with lurex or glitter. Actual satin jewelery dress.
  3. Designers recommend using purple, violet and blue shades.

Teenage dresses

With little girls is understandable. What about teenagers? Teenage Christmas dress in between options. This is no longer a children's outfit, but not yet an adult.

  1. For a teenage girl, a wonderful solution is a dress of a delicate shade that emphasizes youth and tenderness. You can safely choose a cream, white or pink outfit.
  2. The material used is light and flowing. Buy a satin, chiffon or silk dress decorated with embroidery or lace.
  3. Teenagers do not like being called children. Give the girl the opportunity to feel like an adult at the celebration.The purchase of a dress with an open back or a deep cut will help. This outfit will emphasize true innocence.

In the stores, new-year dresses for girls are presented in a wide range. Regardless of the dress, remember that shoes, accessories and Christmas hairstyle should complement it. During the creation of the New Year's image of her daughter, be guided by her wishes. Only this will transform the New Year's Eve into a real miracle.

How to sew a new year's costume to a child by yourself

It is much easier to buy a children's New Year's costume in the store. However, the child will be treated differently to the one made by oneself. What to say about the pleasure that will provide joint work with my mother.

If you make a children's costume with your own hands, choose a fairy-tale hero, prepare materials, be patient.

For the manufacture of useful various materials: bright ribbons, tinsel, colored paper, glue, paint. For the base, you can use socks, tights, T-shirts and other items of clothing.

  1. "Clown". To create a costume you will need a shiny shirt and bloomers. Decorate these items with shiny pompoms and bells.Make a cap out of paper and decorate with a pompon. Paint the cheeks and nose with lipstick.
  2. "Cinderella". Wear a black corsage and apron over the dress. A cap on a head make of a strip of cardboard pasted over with red paper.
  3. "Cowboy". The base of the suit is a plaid shirt and regular jeans. Add a neck scarf, hat, boots and vest. Attach a revolver holster to your belt.
  4. "Pirate". Take black pants and a light shirt. Black trekuolku and blindfold make of paper. Tie a wide belt and stick a plastic knife behind it.
  5. "Chamomile". Costumes require green tights and a yellow jersey. Attach white petals to the belt.
  6. "Knight". Basis - a ski suit, preferably monophonic. Put a scarlet cloak on him. Make a helmet, a sword and a shield out of cardboard, painted with silver paint.
  7. "Musketeer". Tights and a black cape are required. Openwork collar is easy to make out of paper. Add a hat decorated with feathers and gloves.
  8. "Little Red Riding Hood". Decorate the wide skirt with colorful ribbons, apron with lace and frill. On the sleeves of a white blouse, fasten the lace, shoes adorn the bows.The headdress is a red summer hat. Still need a small basket.
  9. "Gypsy". The basis is any dress. Sew multicolored ruffles to the hem and sleeves. Complement the costume with beads, large earrings, colored shawl, bracelets.
  10. "Puss in Boots". For the costume you will need a white shirt, boots, trousers and a vest. Sew the ears to the cap, to the pants - tail. Elements are made of fur.

New Year costumes for adults

Not every family meets the New Year in a classic setting, with a decorated Christmas tree, a New Year's menu and a bunch of guests. Some arrange real costumed New Year carnivals.

The main advantage of such an event - the holiday becomes fabulous. An important role is played in this New Year's costumes.

I offer 10 options for adult Christmas costumes, which can be made at home, using the materials at hand.

  1. "The Snow Queen". To make a costume you will need a magnificent dress, a magic wand, a grandmother's crinoline and a mask. So that the children could see the miracle, put some confetti and sparkles in a small handbag. They are useful during the creation of miracles.
  2. "Humanoid". It is based on a regular rubber suit that divers use. After wearing a suit, attach the antenna from the old radio to your head. Decorate the image with tinsel and put on flippers.
  3. "Mummy". An assistant is required. He will have to wrap your body with toilet paper. Leave small cuts in the mouth and eyes. Periodically leave small paper tails. So the costume will turn out plausible.
  4. "Angel". Cut out wings from cardboard. Glue the feathers to the workpiece. Find the toilet seat that will be the harp. Put on a white nightie, attach wings to it and fasten a nimbus from a plastic plate on your head.
  5. "Elephant". The perfect solution for the full. Wear tight clothes, put a gas mask on your head. Decorate the costume with sparkles or tinsel.
  6. "Butterfly". You will need an elegant blouse, black tights, skirt and shoes. Wear a headband with wire tendrils attached to it. Make wings of fabric, paint with paints and attach to clothes.
  7. "Traffic light". Wear green leggings, a yellow shirt and a red cap. For greater effect, cover your face with a layer of red paint.
  8. "Cow". At the heart of the suit are black tights and a black turtleneck. Draw a lot of white specks on your clothes. Tail made from the usual belt. Attach an inflated medical glove that plays the role of the udder. Buy horns in the store.
  9. "Karapuz". To create this men's suit, you need a large diaper. Sold in any pharmacy. Do not interfere with large knitted slippers, resembling booties. Add a nipple and a cap to these two items.
  10. "Malinka". From red balloons make a large cocoon with a double-sided scotch tape. This cocoon will serve as the body of the berry. Wear a green beret on your head. The costume is quickly removed with a fork.

Perhaps some ideas are extremely extreme, but each of the costumes will cheer up the guests to the maximum level.

How to celebrate New Year of the Sheep?

Holiday outfit is an important question. Let us discuss which garments are best suited for the meeting of the year of the Sheep.

The cold color of the Wooden Sheep testifies that she managed to humble a violent temper. It will not be capricious and butt lamb. On the contrary, it will bring harmony and tranquility to the house.

We have to demonstrate that we are ready for a measured and calm life.

Color spectrum

  1. Consider the color gamut.It is better to choose blue, green, yellow and brown dresses. Refuse red; it annoys the symbol of the year.
  2. A good option for a meeting in 2015 - motley, gentle, joyful and calm outfits. The outfit can be associated with beautiful meadows, golden lagoons and sea open spaces.
  3. Sheep will bring a little shyness, affection, peace and laziness. Create a similar image is not easy, but real. You should not worry about the style, the main thing is the coloring.
  4. Suits evening dress, blouse, miniskirt. Try to create a modest and sophisticated image.
  5. Accessories and jewelry should complement the image. The symbol of the year should see that you understood the basic idea. Designers recommend using silver and gold jewelry.

Strict requirements for the New Year party, no one imposes. The main thing is a bright, elegant and harmonious image.

What to wear for the New Year of the Sheep

Since Wooden Sheep is a creative creation, experiment with it.

  1. Choose outfits that combine emerald and blue shades. The result is a sea green. To create a more festive image in the course, put on a beautiful embroidery.
  2. In the trend of pastel and sand tones, perfectly combined with accessories and ornaments made of natural wood.
  3. A light and delicate scarf will complement the festive outfit.
  4. Special attention is given to New Year hairstyles. Wooden Sheep chooses curls and pigtails, using all sorts of ribbons and hoops.
  5. Makeup. Since Sheep is a pet, make-up choose a calm shade.

Clothing for the New Year Sheep on zodiac signs

  1. - go to the New Year's holiday in a dress of yellow or turquoise hue. Earrings are better not to wear. So show Sheep friendship and humility.
  2. Taurusstop the selection on colorful outfits. Fingers embellish rings with green or blue pebbles.
  3. Twins- choose a two-color dress. The main color is blue. The second shade - to taste. Dress out pants and blouses hold for the next New Year's holiday.
  4. - clothes to taste. Sheep wants to Cancers do not use a lot of alcoholic beverages in the New Year's Eve.
  5. - Forget about royalty. Wear green and green outfits that blend perfectly with the blue pebbles on the jewelery.
  6. - Sheep does not make any recommendations.Only moderate neckline.
  7. - carnival costume. Women look at long dresses, men - butterflies.
  8. Scorpions- a dress of a calm shade. Massive ornaments. Girls decorate hair.
  9. Sagittarius- blue outfits and other shades of blue. There are no requirements for decorations. You can do flawless makeup.
  10. Capricorns- emphasize the charm of a strict attire.
  11. Aquarius- Dresses of calm shades. Finish the image of makeup and hair.
  12. - She recommends wearing a green outfit. Any jewelry will do.

On this note I finish the story about choosing a New Year's dress. I considered the topic as widely as possible and put at your disposal as much useful material as possible.

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I sincerely hope that my advice and recommendations will speed up and facilitate the preparation for the New Year. As a result, you will have more time to create Christmas crafts, home decorations and cooking dishes.


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