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How to choose a comb?

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Personally, I use a medium-sized massage brush. Ordinary combs do not suit me, hair tears and when I comb my hair the volume drops. My hair is already below the shoulder blades. :) Well, when choosing a comb, you need to consider some factors: - It is best for children to buy massages with natural bristles. - for long hair massage brushes are best suited, short hair can be combed with a flat comb. - curly hair is better to choose a comb with sparse teeth - dry hair suitable brushes with soft teeth or with natural bristles - for oily hair, it is better to pick a flat comb made of wood or horn - straight hair fit all combs. - thick ones are best combed with massage brushes and combs made of natural materials. And best of all at home to have a few hairbrushes: for hairstyles. combing and just combing! :)))
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The Scarlet Flower
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It is also necessary to pay attention to the material from which the comb, namely the teeth, are made. For example, metal combs - not the best option, becausecan damage the hair structure, hurt the scalp. Plastic combs are popular, but their hair is very electrified. But wooden och good - they do not damage the hair. But it is rather difficult to wash it .. Natural bristle is good for hair, and a horn comb is considered to be the best option.

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