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How to choose a mink coat?

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How to choose a mink coat?

A mink coat is a very expensive purchase, and therefore it is advisable to buy it not at random, but to carefully make a choice. In this article we will look at how to choose a mink coat.

Which stores need to contact

At the moment there are many shops that offer to buy mink coats. However, choosing such a product is better in specialized expensive stores. After all, they are able to give a guarantee on the selected item.

Most stores selling mink coats offer a warranty of only two weeks. However, not the fact that you bought a fur coat will be of good quality. Today you can find very high quality fakes that are difficult to distinguish from the real mink. The only difference is that a fake is likely to serve you for a short time, albeit longer than the warranty period.

Choosing a mink coat

To choose the right mink coat, you first have to try it on and see how it sits in the shoulder girdle and in the chest area. Mink coat should not restrain your movements, should not prevent you from moving. If the seller tells you that the coat will sit down with time, you shouldn’t believe him.This is just a common trick to quickly sell a product.

  • Mink coat can not be too heavy and tough. A good mink coat is plastic and light. Pay attention to the smell of fur coats. If the fur was processed correctly, then there will be no foreign smell from it.
  • Swipe your hand over the fur. It should be smooth and lay in one direction. In this case, no villus should not separate. It should also shake the fur coat. The villi, again, should not be separated, otherwise it will indicate that the fur is not of high quality.
  • To check if your chosen coat is colored, take a plain white scarf and slide it along the fur. If a trace remains on the scarf, then the fur coat is colored. Be sure to check the fur coat from the inside - look under the hem of the fur coat. High-quality fur coats are not sewn lining, so that the buyer can personally verify the quality of the product. If the lining is sewn up, this indicates that the manufacturer has something to hide from you.
  • You also need to check out the core. It should not be tough. Moreover, if you notice that the core of the coat of your choice is wet, then you should abandon the purchase, as the quality core is always dry and smooth.
  • Check the coat for puffs.Tightening is often done on linings, which indicates that the product is not very high quality.
  • Check the quality of the seams. If you notice undeveloped areas, be aware that such a fur coat can literally fall apart in a couple of months.

Next, we analyze how to choose the mink coat in terms of mink distinctive features.

How not to be mistaken when choosing a mink

It is known that now another product can be used as a mink, which let it be high-quality, but still cheaper. In this case, the seller can exhibit it as a real mink coat.

  • To distinguish a real mink from the fur of another animal, it is necessary to squeeze the fur in their hands. Mink fur is quite hard, while it should not be pricked. If the fur is soft, then this is a sure sign that you are given a dyed rabbit for a mink.
  • You should also pay attention to the length of the villi. If the length of the villi is different, then this is most likely groundhog fur. If you noticed that the fur of the fur coat puffs up, is not plastic, then you are given a mongolian marmot as a mink.
  • Sometimes sellers paint mink coat to give her color for a darker than it is. Such mink is considered more expensive.In order not to be mistaken, be sure to check out the core. The color of the core should always be light. If the core is dark, then the coat was repainted.
  • Another important point is the transparency of the fur. Remember that the real mink does not shine through. If you see that mezdra shines through, it means you want to sell low-quality goods.
  • Be sure to ask how the fur coat was stored. If the seller does not say anything about fumigation, then you should be wary, as a mole might have gotten into the fur. Fur coats from the warehouse should be brought in special capes that have an opaque surface resembling cotton. It prevents the accumulation of static electricity. The cape should be zipped.

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