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How to choose a mosaic for a child?

Needlework, in which you have to deal with small details, is not suitable for all babies. But kiddies older than 3 years can easily do the assembly of mosaic panels in the presence of adults. In fact, the toys of such a plan are similar to the designers. So the kids will be able to be a beginning construction engineer.

There are very different in composition and principle of folding kits. For example, a diamond mosaic is a kind of puzzle made of crystal beads. Sometimes it is made out as a picture by numbers, but this is very exciting and intuitive fun. And this is pleasant not only for girls, but also for boys, and in fact they are sometimes difficult to keep in one place and sit down for creativity.

If we talk about materials, the factories of children's goods always have the appropriate certificates. And indeed, if it is acrylic, paper, wood, pebbles, magnets, or simple plastic, then there is no harm to children. Let's get acquainted with the standard models that can be found in stores.

What sets are there?

Let's start with the materials from which the panel elements are made. If earlier it was mostly plastic parts that were inserted on the "holey" basis, now the choice is much wider. In most cases, the principle remains the same - the mount is inserted into a special groove, but sometimes other systems can also be found.

So, on the shelves of online stores can be found:

  • aqua and thermo-sets;
  • sets of rhinestones (diamond);
  • classic plastic sets;
  • sets consisting of magnets;
  • mosaics from sequins;
  • outdoor options;
  • from soft parts;
  • self-adhesive sets.

Nowadays, thermomozaika is very popular, because the final assembly can be baked, and then it will definitely not be damaged, broken and not lost. This is especially convenient for small creators, because in the future you can play a figurine, if it turned out successful and smooth.

If the baby likes to mess with water, you can take aqua-mosaic. The initial stages of work here are like those of classic sets, and the most interesting begins at the end. The beads sprayed with water remain on the substrate, and this is very cool. Because of this, the picture can be attributed to show grandmother or leave until the evening, when dad returns from work.

Magnetic mosaic is the best start for the study of physics, because the child will lay out on the metal field the details that will be attracted to him due to the invisible force. It is extremely fascinating and safe (however, parents of babies are always better to be present in the room during the assembly). At this point, you can tell a little about the magnetic field and its properties.

Mosaic of sequins is a beautiful hand-made article, which is made of foam base, decorative carnations and directly of the sequins. This hobby is better to instill in older children, as small ones may accidentally hurt themselves.

By the way, tots it is possible to offer one of the most interesting sets - floor. The elements there are large, not sharp, but they must be laid directly on the floor (on the principle of a puzzle). On the resulting "rug" you can later play, drive cars, drive figures of men.

Children under 3 years old can, in theory, appreciate a soft set of parts. They are easy to dock, and they are exactly pleasant to the touch, and also not capable of harming the skin.

Mosaic drawings on self-adhesive - another type of needlework for the child. According to the available color scheme, the baby must transfer the necessary materials to the base - for example, pieces of foil or sequins.And even if the kit includes parts of ethylene vinyl acetate, then, despite the name, they are not dangerous to health.

What is the use?

Of course, such toys not only can be a decoration for the home, but are also educational. With their help, you can accustom the child to needlework and work, to impart useful skills, as well as to take the kids for several hours (which is useful for business moms).

There are more positive moments:

  • fine motor skills develop;
  • aesthetic perception and taste are formed;
  • the kid works with tactile sensations;
  • learns to be neat, attentive;
  • using finished goods as an example, animals, insects and different countries can be shown to a child;
  • these toys delight, improve mood;
  • fantasy works, creativity unfolds.

Working with color is very good, so you can explain the tiny difference between warm hues from cold, deep colors from the base ones. Touching different textures and materials is great, because acrylic pebbles are one thing, magnets or cartons are another. Finally, it is always good to open for the child early the fascinating world of physics.

If the package contains tweezers, a wand or a stencil, you can easily teach your daughter or son to use these devices for neat, unhurried work and the best result. Just follow the qualifications and do not allow such tools to very young engineers.

Set cost

This is quite a budget entertainment. The price varies from 60 to 3500 rubles. It all depends on the size of the set, on the quantity, material and quality of parts, the degree of complexity of assembly and the age category of the set (for pre-school children, schoolchildren or teenagers).

What brands produce mosaic panels:

  • Alex;
  • Disney;
  • Djeco;
  • Masha and the Bear;
  • Art therapy;
  • Tenth Kingdom;
  • Bustard;
  • Russian style.

Gift books or multi-packs are expensive, but they are profitable - imagine what a space for creativity this is. In addition, the only way to get a thematic set - for example, "Cold Heart". In order not to overpay, you should subscribe to the news of your favorite store and keep track of all sorts of discounts and promotions.

By the way, if some parts break off or are lost, then almost always they can be purchased (from the same manufacturer).You can also expand the capabilities of one set by purchasing new accessories for it. Fortunately, children do not need to mess with glue and other volatile and harmful compounds. The elements are interchangeable, they are easily dismantled.


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