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How to choose a pot for indoor flowers

Since the main purpose of a flower pot is to maintain plant roots, protect them from drying out in the environment, the pot should be regarded as a convenient and most suitable plant habitat, and only then as an interior item. Traditionally, pots were made of baked clay, like all other dishes, now plastic has become the main material, and clay and glass have moved back.
Clay pots most often have only one drainage hole in the middle of their bottom, and this feature is no longer very well suited to the colors that are used to watering from the pan. Clay pots are not suitable for plants with a thin and delicate root system, since the roots can grow into its walls and every time they are transplanted, they are badly damaged. Clay pots are not suitable for all types of orchids, as the roots of orchids need light and also watering from the pan.Do not recommend planting in clay pots and those owners who have a strong blow in the windows in the winter. Clay holds both heat and cold for a long time, and in winter, the contrast of hot air from the battery and the cold pot will not benefit any plant. Clay pots are best used solely as a pot, putting a plastic pot in it.
A properly selected pot should contain enough substrate to provide the plant with moisture, nutrients and minerals. In addition, in order to avoid stagnant moisture, a well-chosen pot should provide good drainage. The dimensions of the pot should be sufficient for the root system of the plant placed in it to develop further, balancing the aerial part of the plant. The pot must be stable enough so that the plant does not tip over its own weight or height. First of all, the container or the pot should be optimal for the plant, and then approach the interior.
Water and nutrients are necessary for plants for successful growth and development, and they get it all from the substrate in which they grow.The size and shape of the container with the substrate poured into it depends on the growth of the plant and its roots. Initially, the size of the pot must correspond to the size of the plant, and as it grows, larger pots will be required. Some flowers feel better and develop when their roots are cramped. Plants with a small and shallow root system feel good in small vases and flat dishes. The height of the pot should often be equal to its upper diameter, the taper should be approximately 2/3 of the width of the base, this is important for stability. Plastic pots are lighter and are more likely to tip over when the substrate dries, but at the same time they do not crack from a fall.

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