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How to choose a wire?

Wiring is not as easy to replace as, for example, sewer pipes. Because when replacing wiring it is necessary to do repairs in the house completely, and the wrong wire can lead to disastrous consequences for any building. The fire does not spare anything and anyone in its path, so the cheap wiring, which is made with a deviation from the process, must be immediately abandoned. How to choose a wire in accordance with the standards for the section, the material from which it is made, brands and other characteristics?

Wire Making Material

The main materials used for the manufacture of wires - copper and aluminum. For installation of wiring in residential buildings, in commercial premises, as well as in warehouses and factories, experts strongly recommend the use of copper wire. What is the reason? Copper is a reliable material in the process of exploitation, it has better electrical properties than aluminum. Copper wire is more expensive than aluminum, but it is you,as the owner of a commercial real estate or apartment who cares about the security of his property and tries to protect it from possible fire, should not be intimidating. Because in some cases, savings are impractical.

As for the strength of aluminum and copper wires, the first of them tends not only to break, but also crumbles. Given that the wiring is done for several decades, copper wire will be more profitable. Moreover, both the strength and electrical conductivity of aluminum wire is an order of magnitude lower than copper. Interacting with air, copper wire oxidizes much less than aluminum. Thus, if wiring from aluminum is laid in your house, at the first opportunity, it must be replaced with copper. We hope which wire to choose - copper or aluminum, you learned.

Wire gauge

When choosing the cross-section of the wire must be considered the load on the grid. This is very important, especially as for country houses, whose area is equal to 500 and 1000 m2. Naturally, in such a house it is necessary to install a wire with a large cross-sectional area, for example, 4 and 6 mm2.For small apartments, which use the traditional set of home appliances, suitable wires with a cross section of 2.5 and 1.5 mm2. But in the store you can buy wires and with a smaller section - 1 and 0.75 mm2. It should be taken into account when choosing a section and the material from which the wire is made. The fact is that due to the lower electrical conductivity of aluminum wire, its cross-section per unit should be large for the copper wire. That is, if for a specific room it is necessary to purchase copper wire with a cross section of 1.5 mm2, then the aluminum equivalent is selected with a cross section of 2.5 mm2.

Number of lived and insulation

Answering the question what wire to choose for wiring, it should be noted that the wires are sold with several options for the number of wires. Electricians are advised to choose three-core analogues, as they provide reliable wiring. In terms of insulation, it is better to choose wires with double insulation, rather than single, as during operation single insulation can quickly become unusable. If the wire is double insulated, even if the first layer of insulating material wears out, its function will be performed by the second insulating layer.

Wire brand

When choosing a wire for an apartment, be sure to pay attention to its brand. There are three main brands of cable that can be installed both in the apartment and office space, and in a country house or in the country. This wire is a single-conductor copper wire NYM, the insulation of which is made of double-PVC. The wire is round and soft, it is convenient to mount it, as well as to cut it. It is believed that the best manufacturers in the domestic market is the company Concord.

The second brand of wire - PVA. He also, like the previous one, has a round shape and PVC insulation. It consists of twisted multi-wire copper conductors, has good flexibility, but experts recommend using it as a power cord for connecting household appliances, and not for arranging electrical wiring in the house. It is recommended to use a wire in the temperature range from -15 ° C to + 40 ° C.

In most cases, for the installation of wiring, especially in a country house, copper wire brand VVG is used. This is a power wire coated with PVC insulation. Moreover, the outer part of the shell is also made of PVC. It is offered by manufacturers, both with round and with a flat section.Please note that this wire is smaller in volume than the NYM, so it fits perfectly into the grooves. Answering the question how to choose a wire for an apartment, it should be noted that the VVG wire may have an additional marking of the “ng” type, which means that it is not combustible. This type of wire can be used not only in dry rooms, but also in rooms with high humidity, for example, in showers, in pools, in saunas, etc. Its use in residential and office buildings increases their safety level, and as a result, compliance with the standards fire safety. The cost of VVG wires is acceptable for urban and suburban consumers, and even more so for a commercial organization. In addition, an adequate price / quality ratio is about the VVG wire.

There is an analogue of VVG wire, which is marked as PUNP. It is an ideal solution for residential premises, but it is slightly inferior to VVG in the quality of insulation. But its cost is much lower. It is recommended to acquire wire PUNP of Moscow production, since this region supplies the domestic market with the highest quality PUNP wires. Thus, we answered your questions about how to choose a wire for residential or non-residential premises.


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