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How to choose autumn and winter things

Fashion is the only art in the world capable of overcoming the laws of time and space. Designers, not waiting for the new season, demonstrate the collection. Let's talk how to choose fashionable autumn and winter things.

In the process of analyzing new trends, I managed to find out that without exception, fashion trends combine the traditions of epochs with bright futurism, original lines, solutions and styles.

I will consider ten fashion trends, which, most likely, will not leave indifferent. Following the trends, you will make the autumn-winter look spectacular and beautiful.

  • Sport style.Elegant and bright. The list of fashionable things related to the style is represented by sweaters and jackets with bright inscriptions, waterproof outerwear of metallic shades, shoes with elegant soles.
  • Rock chic.Some elements of the musical style are reflected in modern fashion. In the 70s, the rocker style was at the height of fashion, 20 years later it was replaced by the grunge style.The directions merged and a feminine and aggressive trend appeared.
  • Boudoir.The idea embodied in leather, satin, silk and lace. Skirts, blouses and suits are diluted with sexy inserts, fur elements and satin bows.
  • Leather clothes.Jackets, jackets, trousers and accessories. Fashion designers have expanded the fashion on the material, complementing shirts, dresses and suits.
  • Folklore and ethnic themes.Designers decorated their creations with floral prints, national patterns and ethnic embroidery.
  • The highlight of any autumn-winter season. Fashion lawmakers made a bid for the length, presenting short fur jackets and long fur coats. Classic models of fur vests and fur coats have given way to things with colored fur accents.
  • Bright men's suits.The trend of the season will be pantsuits.
  • Pink clothes.The pearl of the season is pink coats. Fashion loves to experiment.
  • Elegant trench coats.During the preparation for the new season, the designers presented the products in an exotic interpretation. Experts suggest combining a double-breasted, elongated model of an abstract color with a shawl.
  • Poncho.Classic Latin American clothing made of dense material. With this bright and extravagant wardrobe item you will look beautiful. It is combined with any items of clothing.

Autumn and winter fashion is multifaceted, to describe in a few words will not work. Designers reviewed the era, borrowed the best, mixed with textures and prints and adapted to the modern style.

How to choose fashionable autumn-winter dresses

If a girl wants to be transformed, she will need a dress. As a result, she will get a graceful gait, graceful movements and a charming silhouette. Even fashionistas who neglect their clothes, preferring trousers, sooner or later have to put on a beautiful dress and fall in love with it again.

It used to be thought that the older a woman was, the longer she should wear a skirt. This stereotype faded into the background. For women of age, a pencil skirt is suitable. Skirts and dresses are recommended to choose wisely. A woman is a beautiful and gentle creature, and clothing should be appropriate.

Colors and patterns

Let's talk about fashionable colors and patterns.

  1. Ladies are offered dresses in pastel shades.In the trend shades of lilac, pink and vanilla colors, along with calm and gentle tones. Actual and bright colors.
  2. Looks great monochrome products simple cut. This dress is not intricate, but it takes color.
  3. There are no strict restrictions for coloring. Experts recommend paying attention to floral and animal patterns.
  4. Ladies who want to focus on the merits of the figure, the designers have prepared products with inserts of translucent fabric.

Fashionable dresses for the autumn-winter season are characterized by simplicity and elegance.


With flowers figured out. Now let's talk about the styles.

  • Tunic with short sleeves and intricate patterns. This outfit will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • If you practice business style or want to create a beautiful evening look, pay attention to the sheath dress. In both cases, it looks great.
  • Bandage - outfit of interwoven strips and threads. It looks frank, suitable for celebration.
  • Flared shirt Bottom outfit lush and flared, the upper part resembles a shirt. Add a jacket to the dress and you can go to a party.
  • Coat dress. Designers use soft and warm fabrics that take care of health.
  • Bustier. The dress is sleeveless and strapless, revealing the neckline, neck and shoulders. It looks spectacular.
  • New Bow. In the wardrobe of fashionable women should attend feminine dresses. Thanks to the flared skirt and high waist, the dress emphasizes the beauty of the curved lines of the silhouette.

Given the number of colors, patterns and styles, it is not difficult to guess that the options for dresses for the new season is huge. It remains to visit the store and buy beautiful clothes to look gorgeous.

Choosing jeans for autumn and winter

Every year it is more difficult for designers to offer new models of jeans, but they still find fresh solutions. Distinctive features are presented by a decor, patterns and a combination of materials.

Jeans are always in trend, they cannot be eradicated from the wardrobe. Jeans love to wear women, men and children. It is not surprising, because these pants are comfortable, practical, different cost of the democratic and combined with any clothing.

  1. SkinnyThe hit of the season. Emphasize a slim silhouette and fit women of fashion with long legs. In the list of trends and high waist.Do not disregard a noticeable line that adds chic to jeans.
  2. Flared jeans.Diverge from the hip or from the knee, both options are successful. The important role played by the length. It is recommended to wear jeans that hide shoes to toe.
  3. Classic jeans.Female image in them confident and relaxed, emphasizes the dignity of the figure.
  4. Shortened models.Shorten the legs, it is recommended to choose carefully. Combine with sneakers, shoes, shoes with thick soles.
  5. Rolled up jeans.At the height of fashion. Some models have decorative lapels or cuffs. I recommend advancing differently, but the trend is 7/8.

We understood the shapes, there will be no misunderstandings. Let us consider the elements of style in more detail. The appearance of jeans pants did not suffer significant changes, but the new collections are distinguished by cut, fabrics and materials.

  • Narrow jeans that resemble leggings have lost their front pockets. Designers replaced them with false details. Denim received a metallized thread.
  • Received relevance and combined models in which denim material is combined with contrasting fabrics and leather inserts.Two-tone jeans are gaining popularity. One piece of denim, the second - leather.
  • Minimalism is a leading trend. Fashion welcomes wearing elegant and concise jeans. Extra items and catchy accessories are not allowed. The style of the image is due to the elegance and color solutions.
  • The main element of the decor was the belt. Thanks to the accessory, even a modest jeans model becomes a luxurious ensemble. The choice falls on narrow and wide belts. There is an alternative: a metal chain, a pearl thread or a scarf.

The symbolism of the brand, present in the back pocket, is extremely important. Mark says about the manufacturer. The roots of mass tradition go back to 1980, when it all began.

I looked at the styles and talked a little about style decisions in fashionable jeans. It remains to talk about the color palette.

During fashion shows, designers have demonstrated a variety of models with holes, scuffs, appliqués, embroidery and metal fittings.

  1. Chains and rivets are present on simple and avant-garde models.
  2. There are no special requirements to the drawing. There are splashes of paint, images of animals, imitation camouflage.
  3. Bright decor is considered a print. On the patterns of floral pattern looks spectacular.
  4. Relevant classic colors. If you buy blue or blue jeans, you will not be mistaken. Dark jeans with contrasting scuffs are all about fashion.
  5. Turquoise is also popular. Models of this color, accentuated with bright seams that connect the different-colored elements, look spectacular and stylish.
  6. Leopard coloring at the height of fashion. Many beauties like her sexuality, catchiness and aggression.

The fashion for jeans is diverse and multifaceted. It is believed that making bright jeans is not easy, but designers tend to destroy the stereotype.

How to choose a jacket for autumn and winter

The jacket is a comfortable and comfortable outerwear, which is suitable for the autumn-winter season. It is combined with trousers, skirts and other clothes. In the wardrobe of the fashionista there are several jackets for any weather.

For starters, let's talk about silhouettes, styles, materials and details of jackets, and after deconstructing the decor and fashionable colors.

  • The sports style is considered to be the leading one. He is represented by a variety of jackets from knitwear, raincoat fabric and leather.
  • Biker jackets have long been favorites of fashionistas, they have been in trend for many years.In addition to black leather for the manufacture of jackets, designers use color material. The decor is represented by zippers, rivets and metal fittings.
  • In the collections there are fitted jackets. These feminine models have luxurious natural fur collars.
  • Jackets are characterized by large sizes, accented shoulder belt, patch pockets, large collars, falling shoulders. A favorite of fashion designers has become a straight cut.
  • Jacket materials are striking diversity - knitwear, tweed, cashmere, dubbed leather, raincoat fabric and faux fur.
  • Actual use of skin with the effect of metallization. Plaid fabric and multi-colored fur are not inferior in popularity. A fashion trend is considered to be the combination of materials in one model.
  • In the top popularity of the jacket bright, pastel, gold, black and white shades. The fashionable color palette designers have expanded with shades of lilac, yellow, blue, red and olive.
  • Fashionable decor of jackets is represented by fringe and perforation.

Designer products are characterized by high-quality manufacturing material and a unique design.

Tips for choosing a fur coat

Warm, soft and delicate fur - material for sewing winter clothing. Fashion for fur coats offers a variety of materials, colors and design.

  1. The favorite is a fur coat of a flared or straight silhouette. Designers recommend wearing fur knee-length coats.
  2. Laconic models without collar and fasteners are popular. Such outerwear is considered a status product and is not intended for the winter cold.
  3. The highlight of the season were fur coats. These elegant models are complemented by straps, which added chic and appeal.
  4. In the collections of designers there are fur coats with a zipper. They look fresh, modern and stylish.

There are not many styles, but thanks to the color solutions, a wide assortment is available to us. What are the colors and decorations in the trend in the winter?

  • The hit of the season is a fur coat made of colored fur. The list of colors is represented by shades of brown, blue, red and purple. Popular black and white coats, models that combine colors.
  • Designers have resorted to the technique of patchwork - a combination of several colors in one product. We get unusual and interesting fur coats.
  • Not less fashionable reception in the design of fur coats is a combination of contrastinghorizontal stripes. Achieve the result allows the combination of fur and leather parts, coloring material.
  • In the trend of the use of fur, imitating the skin of exotic animals. This is a leopard, giraffe, zebra.
  • Fur is a beautiful material, so the decor of the fur coats is as concise as possible. Most commonly used patch pockets or leather straps.

Fur coats are made from various furs. To understand what materials have become favorites of designers, I suggest talking about them.

Commonly used fur mink, astrakhan, llama, chinchilla, fox or fox. Each of these options has a luxurious natural texture that is easy to imitate in the manufacture of artificial furs. Actual reception - a combination of several types of fur of different lengths of pile.

Tips for choosing autumn and winter shoes

How nice to watch a fashionable woman walking easily on high heels. Her image is feminine and graceful. This is the merit of shoes - an integral element of the wardrobe.

In the winter in a fashion dark shades of clothes, accessories and hairdresses. The shoes are dominated by bright colors. Patterns and multi-colored heels, destined to become the highlight of the year, climbed to the top of the style.

Once the conversation turned to heels, designers offer several options.

  1. Hairpin.Long burst into fashion, and is not going to leave. With her help, an ordinary woman becomes an exquisite goddess.
  2. Carnation.Such shoes are preferred by desperate women of fashion, because not all ladies can’t get through this complicated weapon.
  3. Bevel heel.The solution for extraordinary personalities with avant-garde thinking.
  4. Massive heel.Stylists recommend choosing high-heeled shoes in the winter, because it is attractive and stable.

A few words about the boots. It is dominated by classic shoes with a steady heel. Velvet, suede or leather base boots decorated with fur or lace.

Treads, which fill the female image with sexuality, hold positions. In the trend, long models with a stud or square heel. The texture and colors correspond to world trends.

The materials from which shoes for the autumn-winter season are made have changed a bit, and their list has expanded. If in past seasons fur, suede and leather fashion shoes were offered, now designers recommend textile, lacquer and rubber products.

I intend to pay particular attention to the finishing of shoes, because it makes it beautiful and unique.

  • Shoes are decorated with feathers, ribbons, buckles, weaving, bows and stones.
  • Genuine leather martins are in fashion for several seasons. Massive shoes become more feminine. On fur elements appear sheared patterns, which are combined with feathers and colorful threads.
  • Winter sneakers are different from ordinary models. They have metal and plastic elements. Thanks to the bright colors, they cheer up even in cloudy weather.
  • For the fall, ankle boots with juicy hues are recommended. Suede footwear is in harmony with wedge, decorated with lacing or embroidery.
  • Shoes are a common type of shoe. They are suitable for work, parties, dates. In a fashion bright products with high heels.
  • Fashionistas who do not like height, I recommend to pay attention to shoes with low heels. A worthy alternative is considered to be classic wedge shoes.
  • Ballet flats are also in a trend. In addition to the different colors, they offer jumpers that make the legs visually slimmer.

Show imagination, experiment with the image and it will work out!

Podbivaya results, I will say that fashion will delight girls with many surprises. Winter and autumn fashion will appeal to ladies who are crazy about fur, transparent fabrics, feathers and clothes with patterns. Autumn-winter fashion trends present unusual combinations of textures, materials and color schemes.


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