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How to choose powder for face

Today, probably, it is difficult to find a woman who does not use powder in her makeup. With it, you can give the desired color to the face, smooth the surface of the skin of the face and just make the face worthy of admiration of others. Here an interesting site would like to share with you the secrets of using powder. You will learn how to choose the right powder for the face, what type to choose, how to choose the tone of powder.


A modern woman today cannot do without a tonal basis, rouge, lipstick, mascara, and, of course, without powder. Every woman has powder in her cosmetic bag, but we can not always choose the right powder exactly in accordance with the requirements of our face.


First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that owners of dry skin need to approach the choice of powder very responsibly, because she dries her skin. But the powder is indispensable for make-up of oily, combination and normal skin.


If you can understand how to choose the right powder for the face, the powder will look natural on your face, hide all its flaws and emphasize its merits.


First of all, you should decide what kind of powder you need. Experts today identify eight main types of powder.


1. Loose powder is easy to use and apply, but it should be noted that it causes a lot of trouble if it crumbles.


2. Compact powder is also very convenient, and it can be used at any time of the day or night to maintain the freshness of your makeup.


3. Powder in balls will give a fresh look to the skin, and it is always necessary to apply it only with a thin layer.


4. Transparent powder removes excess shine from the skin and is only suitable when used on perfect skin.


5. Antiseptic powder is used for problems with skin.


6. The masking green powder helps to hide the redness of sensitive skin.


7. Shimmering powder looks good in club lighting, giving a golden or silver glow to the skin. Not suitable for normal use.


8. Bronze powder used in summer. It gives dark skin a bronze tint.


Then we will tell you how to choose the tone of face powder.


When using both tonal framework and powder, their shades should be the same.


If you do not use the foundation, apply powder on the nose and see how close to your natural tone.


In the evening make-up is permissible to use yellowish and purple hues. But for the daily daily make-up is better to use powder pink, gold and beige shades.


When choosing a tone for evening makeup, stop your choice on a tone that is slightly lighter than your skin.


Just pick the right tone and quality of powder, you can achieve a spectacular high-quality makeup. Modern high-quality powders consist of very small particles and do not clog the pores of the face at all. The composition of high-quality powder includes special ingredients that protect the skin from the negative effects of our environment. In addition, it includes moisturizing ingredients. But if you feel dry when using the powder, it means that the powder you use is not of high quality.


Every woman has different financial capabilities. Some may get the wrong impression after reading the article that only expensive and very expensive powder can be of high quality, but this is not at all the case.You can pick up the powder, which suits you and among the line of inexpensive cosmetics.


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