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How to combine wallpaper?

From our homes we create a space in which we want to return, no matter what. “My home is my fortress,” but instead of “fortress,” we try to create a castle — someone likes air, someone oriental, someone builds a “Palace of Love and Happiness.” The easiest and most affordable way to make an air palace of Love bathed in Happiness out of the “home” is pasting the inner walls with your favorite wallpaper. And to make your castle unique will help the combination of wallpaper, different in color and texture, or congruent with each other. How to combine the wallpaper on the wall so that your house becomes not only designer chic, but also a place of rest from the bustle of the modern world?

Rules for combining wallpaper

  • Vertical combination. This is the easiest and simplest way to combine wallpaper. Its essence is simple: on the wall alternate each other or through 2-3 strips of wallpaper of different shades of the same background color, or contrast, the same texture of the surface of the wallpaper. Such a combination is used in a room where it is necessary to visually “lift the ceiling” and expand the space.
  • Horizontal combination.In this case, the wallpaper is combined not only by color and pattern, but also by the texture of the surface of the wallpaper. The horizontal joint of various wallpapers is made with a border, either wallpaper, polyurethane or light polystyrene. This method of combining wallpaper slightly "lowers" the ceiling, visually, of course, but very large scale expands the space of the room.
  • Combining wallpaper in the form of inserts. This method makes it possible to select some area in the room or room. And also to dilute the monochrome background color of the main wallpaper on the walls with bright and enlivening the atmosphere of the room inserts. In this case, it can be "medallions" in the framework of polyurethane borders, and the allocation of a combination of different wallpaper embedded niches, and the designation of the whole wall in a different color from the general solution.

How to combine wallpaper

Combining wallpaper is a delicate and very responsible business. You can combine in such a way that after a month after expensive repairs, you want to tear off all this “splendor” from the walls, but you can, on the contrary, do everything so harmoniously that, after many years, do not stop admiring the consistency of the wall design.What needs to be considered when combining wallpaper?

  • Colour. It must be properly selected, so as not to conflict with the wallpaper being combined. It should be either from the same color range, or from the same color range, or harmonious to each other. For example, light beige and chocolate color are different shades of brown. Although they look on the wall in contrast, they generally create a harmonious couple. But turquoise in combination with the color of chocolate is a conflict! In general, the main criterion in the combination of colors in the interior is the proximity to natural colors and their combination in nature. Keep this in mind.
  • Texture. The combination of wallpaper with a different surface texture makes sense only if there is a need to hide the shortcomings of the wall surface. For example, foamed vinyl wallpaper will mask mask well in the plaster. But they are difficult to combine with the same silk-screen printing. Is that try to combine with fabric wallpaper, which in itself is quite expensive. But silkscreen looks great next to the fabric textures of the finish. Therefore, before starting to stick wallpaper, the more combining them,you must first take care of the quality surface of the wall.
  • According to the picture. It is impossible to combine small and large figure - it is not harmonious. Everything else - just to be happy! Striped and polka dots, a cage and bouquets of garden roses, an oriental arabesque and a strict stove - everything that your eye can rest on can be combined provided that they do not discord in size and color.

How to glue the combined wallpaper

According to the instructions of the manufacturer! As usual, the wallpaper was glued, and glued, only by combining color and texture. Naturally, according to the necessary consistency of the surface to be glued after applying a leveling layer of putty on it and impregnating it with a primer, which is used in such cases.

How to combine wallpaper? Photo abound on the Internet and not only. But rushing with enthusiasm into the abyss of design creativity, do not forget that you will have to live with these combinations: red and black, red and purple, blue and yellow, white and green. Although some like it and even gives a positive on a rainy November evening.


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